Former White House doctor exposes Biden’s failing health

Joe Biden’s health is atrocious, and everyone in the world knows that. However, the Radical Left refuses to acknowledge that anything is wrong.

But now, the former White House doctor exposed Biden’s failing health.

Recently the former White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson has expressed growing concerns about President Biden’s health and mental acuity as he approaches his 81st birthday.

Jackson, a Republican congressman from Texas, made his remarks on “FOX & Friends,” stating that the president’s cognitive decline is becoming increasingly evident, raising serious questions about his ability to effectively lead the nation.

“I’ve been saying for quite some time now, when he was candidate Joe Biden, that I didn’t think that he had the cognitive ability to do the job,” Jackson declared.

Moreover, Jackson lamented the deteriorating state of Biden’s health, emphasizing that his physical decline is exacerbating his cognitive issues.

“His lack of physical ability and his physical decline is now starting to highlight the cognitive decline that we’ve been watching for so long now,” he explained.

Jackson’s assessment resonates with the growing unease among both Democrats and Republicans regarding Biden’s fitness for office.

In recent weeks, prominent figures such as former Obama adviser David Axelrod and HBO host Bill Maher have expressed doubts about Biden’s re-election bid.

These concerns are understandable given Biden’s frequent gaffes, misstatements, and apparent lapses in memory.

The office of president is an extremely important one, and America needs a strong leader right now, particularly in the face of significant national and international challenges, which necessitates sharp mental acuity and physical stamina…qualities that Biden increasingly appears to lack.

Dr. Jackson’s expertise as a former White House physician lends further credibility to his assessment.

Having served presidents Obama and Trump, he possesses keen insights into the physical and mental demands of the job.

In contrast to Biden’s apparent decline, former President Donald Trump is actively campaigning for re-election, exhibiting both the physical and mental vigor required to handle the presidency.

Should Trump secure the Republican nomination, the 2024 presidential election will likely hinge on the stark contrast between two candidates: an aging incumbent whose fitness for office is under scrutiny and a former president who is mentally fit and saved America.

As the nation struggles with economic uncertainty, increasing international tensions, and a range of domestic challenges, the choice between these two individuals will have profound implications for the future of the United States.

The growing concerns about Biden’s health and mental acuity raise important questions about the Democratic Party’s leadership and their willingness to help the nation instead of push their radical agendas.

The American people need strong leaders yet the Democrats would rather give the nomination of their party to a senile fool than help America.

The propping up of Joe Biden by the Democrat party is a disgrace and anyone who calls themselves a Democrat should be ashamed.

It is beyond clear that Joe Biden cannot serve as President of the United States, and he must be removed from office.

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