White House accidentally leaks one terrible scheme against the American people

Biden’s presidency has been an unmitigated disaster. It may have all been part of his plan.

Because the White House accidentally leaked one terrible scheme against the American people.

Tuesday evening on CNBC, White House Council of Economic Advisers Chair Jared Bernstein admitted to the world that the White House does not want to see “a broad deflation.”

He said they only wanted to lower prices “in areas where prices went up really a great deal and were highly elevated, there, you want to see prices come down, not just disinflation but deflation.”

The statement has come as a shock to many because the White House has been claiming that they want to lower inflation and fix the economy.

Obviously, they have done a terrible job, but they at least pretended like they were trying to help the economy with “Bidenomics.”

The co-host of the show that Bernstein announced this also seemed surprised and followed up on the initial statement and asked a clarifying question.

He said, “I’m sure it’s not a surprise to you that a lot of the public is not just looking for disinflation or slower inflation, but actual deflation, a rollback of prices back to, whatever, 2019 levels.”

Now this is certainly true, and the American people have been clinging on to the last shred of hope that achieving reasonable prices might be possible.

However, the co-host asked, “Is that something you would welcome or do you lean on the historical relationship between that and falling wages and recessions?”

Shockingly, Jared Bernstein answered that this was not something the Biden administration was looking to do.

He stated very clearly, “We don’t want to see a broad deflation” which was shocking to many people because Biden has been claiming that he is saving the economy and lowering prices.

To hear the White House Council of Economic Advisers Chair say that they are not even trying to achieve deflation should be a terrifying wake-up call to all Americans.

Bernstein tried to argue that Biden was lowering prices, but only in certain areas where prices were already high.

He said, “So, let me hit you with a few numbers. So, airline tickets down 13% over the past year. Car rentals, 10%. Eggs, 22%. Thanksgiving dinner, to be a bit topical, down 4.5%, with turkey down about 6%. That’s deflation.”

However, it is important to note that all of those numbers might be down over the past year, however since 2019 and pre-Joe Biden those numbers were actually realistic and the average American family could afford to pay for things.

The fact that Bernstein is trying to claim that the White House has achieved deflation in some areas is absurd since the reason those numbers are ridiculously high is Joe Biden’s fault in the first place.

Even with 22% deflation on things, we are not at pre-Biden era prices, and the American people have had enough.

Joe Biden has been campaigning on his promise that he will save the economy (which we all know is a lie, but at least he was pretending) and he keeps using the term “Bidenmocis” as if that will help things.

But now the real truth has come out: Joe Biden and his administration are doing nothing about the economy, and they have no interest in lowering prices for the American people.

It is time to vote out this lying, corrupt, fraud and vote for someone who will save America.

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