Donald Trump’s face turned red when he heard what Obama had to say about him

Barack Obama was hoping to be replaced by another radical Democrat. That didn’t happen when President Trump beat Hillary Clinton.

But Obama just let out his real thoughts on Donald Trump, and what he said will floor you.

Certainly, Barack Obama was hoping Hillary Clinton would be his replacement when his eight years in office were up.

She was supposed to have the election in the bag given all her supposed “political” experience over the years.

So when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, it sent shockwaves through the Washington, D.C. establishment and set off a firestorm.

Immediately, the Fake News Media and the Democrats set out on a crusade to perform character assassination on Trump – no matter the cost.

Barack Obama, of course, wasn’t happy about an anti-establishment Republican making his way into the White House either.

He had his fair share of back-and-forths with Trump, too.

But a new leak indicates that Obama had a serious disdain for Trump that led him to conspire with reporters about how to make him a one-term President.

A Bloomberg report shares that Obama met with reporters in his last days in the White House to tell them that the country would be “okay” if Trump served only one term but that two terms “would be a problem.”

He also claimed that Trump would literally destroy our Democracy if given the chance.

On top of that, Obama claimed Republicans to be of moral and ethical inferiority to Democrats, saying they have “no shame.”

Business Insider reports:

President Barack Obama, in the final days of his administration, privately told a group of reporters that the country could “bail fast enough to be okay” after a one-term Donald Trump presidency, but said two terms “would be a problem,” according to a Bloomberg report.

The off-the-record conversation that was held on January 17, 2017 — just three days before Trump would assume the presidency — came to light after the Justice Department released a set of documents connected to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, per Bloomberg.

Obama continued to share with reporters that they should be “on top” of anything involving the DOJ to see if Trump was somehow abusing his power to destroy his political enemies.

Ironically, that’s exactly what Joe Biden and the Democrats are doing to Donald Trump right now.

The DOJ and the FBI raided Donald Trump’s residence with no regard to his constitutional rights like the Fourth Amendment in what was almost certainly a political attack.

What Obama and the Democrats accuse Donald Trump and the Republicans of doing, they are doing themselves.

Trump never took a chance to destroy our Democracy like Obama claimed he would.

In fact, America became stronger than ever with a booming economy and an administration that ended wars and promoted international peace – all under Donald Trump’s administration.

Contrast that to Joe Biden’s lack of any action regarding the crisis at the southern border.

This just proves, once again, that the Democrats and the Fake News Media are in bed together to prevent any real conservative near the White House ever again.

But with how upset Americans are at Joe Biden, they may not be able to do anything about keeping conservative bastion Ron DeSantis from the White House in 2024.

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