Eric Adams makes a shocking admission that leaves Liberals shaken

Mayor Eric Adams has been making interesting pleas for help for a while. But, the left is not listening.

But now, Eric Adams has made a shocking admission that leaves liberals shaken.

The Big Apple’s sanctuary city experiment has bitten back, with Mayor Eric Adams finally shattering the progressive fairytale and acknowledging the undeniable:

Illegal immigration is fueling a surge in crime.

This admission, while met with predictable fury from the left, shines a light on the real-world consequences of unchecked open borders and reignites a critical national discussion about protecting public safety.

During a Tuesday press conference, Mayor Adams ripped off the band-aid, declaring,

“Do I believe there are some migrants committing crimes? Yes. Yes.”

This blunt statement shatters the dangerous myth that all migrants are angels, exposing the truth:

A significant portion of New York’s recent crime spike can be directly traced to the influx of illegal immigrants.

Adams’ example of a “robbery pattern” involving migrant participants is a stark reminder that not all who cross the border seeking opportunity are saints.

It exposes the naivety of those who claim open borders will magically solve societal ills, instead creating ripe environments for criminal elements to exploit.

Beyond mere observation, Mayor Adams delves into the breeding ground for this crime surge.

“You put people in an environment where they can’t work, can’t support themselves, can’t even feed their families,” he stated. “They’re left idle, desperate, and vulnerable.”

This resonates with conservative concerns about overburdened social services and the potential for idleness to fester into criminal activity.

The data paints a grim picture. NYPD statistics reveal a dramatic rise in robberies, assaults, and car thefts, all coinciding with the arrival of over 161,000 migrants since 2022.

Mayor Adams’ expectation of another wave in the coming months further underscores the urgent need for a sober assessment of this crisis.

Predictably, the left has launched into a predictable tantrum, accusing Adams of “xenophobia” and “dehumanizing” immigrants.

However, such histrionics only impede a crucial national conversation.

By refusing to confront the potential downsides of unchecked migration and the criminal element it attracts, we risk sacrificing public safety and fostering resentment towards both legal and illegal immigrants.

Mayor Adams’ willingness to break ranks with the open-borders orthodoxy and prioritize the safety of New Yorkers shows that even the Radical Left acknowledges this problem.

This is a wake-up call for national leaders to prioritize the well-being of their citizens and address the challenges of mass migration responsibly.

Only by acknowledging both the dangers of rampant open-border immigration, can we build a sustainable future for our cities and our nation.

Mayor Adams has taken a critical first step, and it’s time for the rest of America to follow suit.

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