White House’s newest attempts at destroying America left Trump red with rage

The Radical Left hates America. And they will do everything they can to destroy this great nation.

But the White House’s newest attempts at destroying America left Trump red with rage.

In a defiant move opposing the Biden administration’s open-borders agenda, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton vowed to vigorously defend the state’s new immigration laws against a lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice on Wednesday.

This latest skirmish in the ongoing battle over border security sees the Lone Star State standing its ground against federal overreach, determined to protect its citizens and secure its southern border.

Last month, Governor Greg Abbott signed into law a comprehensive package of immigration reforms, including Senate Bill 4 (SB 4).

This landmark legislation empowers state law enforcement to arrest individuals for illegally crossing the US-Mexico border and grants local judges the authority to order their deportation.

This proactive approach directly addresses the Biden administration’s failure to enforce federal immigration laws, leaving border communities vulnerable to the rampant influx of illegal immigrants.

Predictably, the DOJ, under the leadership of the soft-on-crime Attorney General Merrick Garland, swiftly threatened legal action against Texas unless it backed down.

Now, the Biden administration has followed through on its empty threats, filing a lawsuit claiming SB 4 is unconstitutional due to alleged interference with federal jurisdiction over immigration.

Texas officials, however, remain unfazed. Attorney General Paxton responded to the lawsuit with characteristic Texan grit, stating, “The Biden administration’s lawsuit is nothing more than a desperate attempt to protect its failed open-borders policies. We will not be bullied or intimidated. We will vigorously defend our right to enforce the law and protect our citizens.”

Paxton’s strong stance resonates with millions of Texans who have witnessed firsthand the devastating consequences of the Biden administration’s lax border security.

Overburdened communities grapple with increased crime, strained resources, and a sense of vulnerability.

SB 4 represents a beacon of hope, a decisive effort to reclaim control and restore sanity to a broken border system.

The DOJ’s lawsuit hinges on the Supremacy Clause and Foreign Commerce Clause, arguing that state immigration laws infringe upon federal authority.

However, this argument conveniently ignores the precedent set by countless Supreme Court rulings upholding states’ right to enforce their own laws in the absence of effective federal action.

Furthermore, the Biden administration’s own record-breaking incompetence on border security renders its legal claims hollow.

This lawsuit is more than just a legal battle; it’s a clash of ideologies.

The Biden administration, representing the progressive embrace of unchecked immigration, stands in stark contrast to Texas’ conservative commitment to secure borders and prioritize the well-being of its citizens.

Texas has consistently proven its willingness to stand up for its principles, refusing to be cowed by federal overreach and empty threats.

As the legal battle unfolds, one thing is certain: Texas will not waver. Texans stand behind their elected officials, united in their resolve to protect their homes and secure their future.

The Biden administration’s misguided lawsuit may serve as a temporary bump in the road, but it will not deter Texas from fulfilling its sacred duty to its citizens and safeguarding its borders.

Americans across the nation need to follow suit and stand up against the Radical Agenda of the Left.

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