Foreign government’s plans to attack America discovered in alarming report

America is known as the greatest country in the world. Yet, under current leadership, its weaknesses are fully exposed.

And a foreign government’s plans to attack America were just discovered in one alarming report.

America has been reliant on Saudi Arabia for decades now, specifically when it comes to oil.

Because of the close relationship between the two countries, almost all oil trade in the world is done in US dollars.

Due to the help from Saudi Arabia, the US dollar has remained strong for almost 50 years and has cemented America as the country with the greatest economy and military in the world.

Now, however, evidence shows that Saudi Arabia is preparing to unleash a “weapon of mass destruction” on the US.

Trump’s Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the US Treasury said, “It would be a complete implosion of the American economic system.”

Saudi Arabia is planning the economic destruction of the United States.

This new kind of warfare would be devastating to America, especially in the state it is in right now.

Joe Biden has left our economy in shambles, and his handling of foreign affairs leaves the US wide open to an attack.

Former advisor to the CIA, Department of Defense, and the Pentagon, Jim Richards, made a video sharing with Americans about this deadly attack.

He claims that Biden’s poor leadership has broken an agreement between Saudi Arabia and the US and has already created “massive global fallout.”

He also claims that Saudi Arabia will be taking advantage of the broken agreement to unleash devastating economic consequences on the US.

If you think inflation is bad now, Richards claims that it will reach unreal levels in just a short amount of time.

This attack on the US is just one of countless examples of Joe Bidens horrific leadership and governing.

The current administration seems to be welcoming outside attacks from foreign countries as if they want to see America reduced to ashes.

The author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad has warned that the dollar “will die” as the situation keeps playing out.

The current leadership in America is an absolute disgrace, and one that will not stop until they see America destroyed.

Joe Biden has already proven on countless occasions to be an incompetent president, and this most recent incident has proven his handling of the economy and foreign affairs are worse than terrible.

Hopefully, America will get a new President who cares about America sooner rather than later, and hopefully they will be able to fix the crisis Joe Biden has put us in.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics for updates on this developing story.

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