Former Pence ally drops bombshell testimony that has Trump worried sick

The January 6 investigations have all over the news recently. And rumors have started spreading regarding what really happened.

Now, a former Pence ally drops bombshell testimony that has Trump worried sick.

Former chief of staff to the White House, Mark Meadows, was a “central” figure in Donald Trump’s plan to overturn the 2020 election, claims former chief of staff for Pence.

This news comes shortly after Mark Meadows has attempted move his indictment in Georgia to a federal court.

He also filed a motion over the weekend to have the charges dismissed.

However, even as he is claiming that these charges are bogus, former chief of staff to Pence is saying the opposite.

Former chief of staff Marc Short said, “I think it was it’s fair to say that Mark was the ringleader of much [of] the events that happened around Jan. 6, he was somebody who was — the president sought to find additional attorneys who gave advice different than White House counsel, and it was very central to the events that happen on that day.”

Short claims that Pence made it very clear he did not have any power to overturn the election, but that Meadows was “central” to the attempts to overturn the election results.

Short says that Meadows was a key figure in “whispering” in Trump’s ear and telling making the president believe there were certain powers that Pence would have.

“And I think what’s often missed in the coverage is the weeks leading up [to] that, in which the vice president made it clear that he did not think that there was some magical authority vested upon a vice president of the United States, had never been used in 250 years of our republic that allowed him to overturn the election results. So there had been a lot of conversations leading up to this, and Mark was central to pulling together many of those who were, I think, whispering falsehoods into the president’s ear,” says Short.

Short has made it clear that he believes Meadows was a key figure leading up to January 6, and that Meadows deserves the indictment he received in Georgia.

Trump and other defendants are surrendering in Georgia this week.

However, Meadows remains firm and has asked a court to block his arrest.

Whatever political affiliations one might have, it is strange and even sad that most of the defendants are older and are being booked into the infamous Fulton County Jail.

In a time of so much uncertainty, many politicians and key figures continue to make opposite claims, and it does nothing but confuse the American people.

We Americans want the truth.

We want integrity and justice to prevail, and when so many of our politicians are so corrupt and deceitful, it is hard to believe that can ever happen.

It is past time to hold our politicians accountable.

Whether Marc Short is right or not, it is frustrating with the amount of division within the Republican party.

It makes it very difficult to discover the truth and know who to vote for.

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