GOP candidate drops bomb on the Trump campaign

Trump currently has no challengers within the race for the GOP nomination. But that could all be about to change.

Because now a GOP candidate dropped a bomb on the Trump campaign.

Donald Trump is leading in every poll by a significant amount, and in a matchup between Biden and Trump, he is projected to win squarely.

It seems like there is nothing that will stop Trump from winning the nomination and taking office once again.

But now, Chris Christie is warning the American people that things might not really be as they appear.

He has warned that he believes that Trump will “face real jail time” due to the indictment and federal charges he is dealing with.

In an interview on CNN’s “The Situation Room”, Chris Christie was asked how worried he was that Donald Trump was going to face jail time.

The anchor, Wolf Blitzer, said, “The former Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows reportedly testifying with immunity in the federal investigation of Donald Trump and the 2020 election subversion.”

He then continued on and asked, “How worried should Trump be right now about Mark Meadows being granted immunity?”

To which Christie replied with an “impending doom” take on the whole thing.

He said, Desperately worried. Reportedly what Mark Meadows is testifying, that you knew all along that what you were saying was not backed up by the facts. Donald Trump is in very, very big trouble. He is going to face real jail time for doing this if that’s what’s proven in court.”

When asked if this would change the minds of Republican voters, Christie went on to warn that “the walls are closing in on Donald Trump” which cannot mean anything good.

Wolf asked, “Right now Trump is still the dominant front-runner for the 2024 presidential nomination. Will this latest development with Mark Meadows actually impact how Republican voters feel about the former president?”

He stated “Wolf, the walls are closing in on Donald Trump. Jenna Ellis pled guilty today. She’s agreed to testify against the former president. Sidney Powell’s agreed to testify against the former president. Ken Chesebro has agreed to testify against the former president. Not only in Atlanta, but also in the federal January 6th trial for Jack Smith. And now Mark Meadows.”

These new developments in the cases Trump is facing are certainly not any good news, but Trump supporters and Americans across the nation are still hoping for the best for Trump.

Christie’s warning has more and more Americans worried about the outcomes of this “witch-hunt” and more people are becoming wary of the justice system in America.

However, it doesn’t seem that support is falling for Trump, and if anything, the prosecution of a former president in this way is drawing more support for Trump.

Even as Democrats and the Radical Left try everything they can to turn the people on Trump or affect his polling numbers, support keeps growing.

The reason is that Americans are seeing what a corrupt system will do to anyone who stands in its way, and we do not want that.

We need strong and honest leadership that will not prosecute political rivals just for disagreeing with them.

The American people know the truth and we will make sure that the current corrupt administration does not make it any further.

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