New House Speaker developments rock Republicans to their core

The House Speakership position has been vacant for weeks now. And Republican candidates have been losing support ever since.

And now new House Speaker developments rock Republicans to their core.

When McCarthy was ousted as the Speaker of the House, Americans both within politics and not had assumed the switch would be a difficult one.

However, most people did not imagine it would take this long and there would be this many challenges to fill the Speakership position.

Steve Scalise was the original nominee for the position, however, once it became clear that he lacked the support in actual votes for the position, he stepped down.

Next, Jim Jordan was the nominee and seemed like a strong candidate for the position, however through multiple different failed rounds of voting, it became clear his support was falling as well.

Next, Mike Emmer was the nominee for the position, but he also withdrew due to a lack of support.

Now, the most recent nominee has sent shockwaves through the political world.

Representative Mike Johnson of Louisiana is the most recent nominee winner after entering the race for the first time on Saturday.

He finished second to Emmer during the first round of voting on Tuesday, however once Emmer withdrew it became clear that Johnson was now the top option for House Republicans.

Johnson’s original pitch to colleagues on Monday was simple: “My theme is simply trust and teamwork,” he said, adding “We have to get back on track.”

The message earned a lot of support from Republicans as the reliable conservative option in these tumultuous times.

However, the nomination has certainly thrown a wrench in things as Republicans now have to come up with a new plan on how to win the actual speakership behind Johnson.

Jim Jordan went through multiple rounds of voting and vowed to keep fighting, and many Republicans put all of their hope in Jordan and are now scrambling to back Johnson and get him enough support.

Americans need a strong leader to lead the House, and many options are coming and going, but could Johnson be the nominee that America needs right now?

At the very least, Republicans have rallied decently around Johnson, but will he survive the actual vote?

This fiasco has been going on long enough and people are starting or continuing to be very frustrated with the whole situation.

The House has been Speaker-less for long enough and America desperately needs a strong leader since we will not get on in the White House right now.

House Republicans are struggling to all rally around a single candidate for the position of Speaker, but that is what Americans need.

Plenty of options have come and gone, but Republicans need to act together for the good of the American people.

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