Here’s how Democrats are trying to start a civil war

Americans have never been as divided as they are now. Much of that is the design of the Democrat Party.

And here’s how the Democrats are actually planning to start a civil war.

It’s pretty hard to be optimistic about the possibility that Americans will be united on the major issues facing our country any time soon.

The sad reality is that there are political sowers of discord among the American people who want to divide people from a healthy community.

This is what the radical Left does when they try to divide everyone along lines of race, sex, gender, social class, and economic class.

For those on the Left, you simply cannot even try to disagree with their enshrined victimhood mentalities that they hold so precious.

That victimhood mentality is what charges their “us vs. them” political core that has led to the division we are living in today.

A perfect example of this is what recently happened in Montgomery County, Maryland earlier this month.

Muslim American parents of children in public schools were protesting a new corrupt school rule that meant that their kids would not be allowed to opt-out of LGBTQIA+ lessons and teachings during the school year.

Now, parents will be informed that their children must take part in these lessons on Leftist gender ideology or face the consequences.

Over 400 individuals were protesting this shocking new rule that strips parents of their natural parental rights earlier this month.

The parents were merely asking for the option for their kids to be opted-out of the lessons so that they can teach their kids what they believe from within the home, not from the firehose of the state.

But this crosses the line for the radical Left. The LGBTQIA+ topic is all the rage for those on the Left, so even Muslims who are a “protected class” in the eyes of victimhood Lefties are not allowed to contradict the LGBT agenda.

This much was made evident by what a Democrat Maryland city councilwoman said of these Muslims who were protesting the changed rule.

Democrat Kristin Mink said at a school board meeting this week that Muslims who are protesting the rule are actually “White supremacists.”

“This issue has unfortunately does put some Muslim families on the same side of an issue as White supremacists and outright bigots,” she shockingly said.

She said this directly to children who were standing up for their ability to believe whatever religion they want without being force-fed Leftist garbage.

One middle school student said “his religion teaches to respect all religions and all human beings and their rights. So does my country’s law. And I want my right back to have an opt-out option.”

Another graduate from the local school system said “Freedom of religion is a fundamental human right that protects the conscience of all people. It allows us to think, express and act upon what we deeply believe. But around the world and in the United States, this freedom is eroding.”

Democrat councilwoman Mink’s comments are out of line, but they expose a sad reality within the Democrat Party.

They do not care about the American people. They care about dividing and conquering. It’s all about using the popular victim class to get what they want.

They will wage a civil war against normal, everyday Americans if they won’t get their way. We’re already seeing it.

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