House Speaker Johnson calls out Senate for this absurd refusal

The Senate is being controlled by Democrats right now, and because of that it is almost impossible to get anything accomplished. But now the Democrats have gone too far in hindering progress.

And the House Speaker Johnson has called out the Senate for their absurd refusal.

Senate Democrats have been vocal with their criticism of the House-GOP proposed bill for aid to Israel.

On Monday, House Republicans released the text of the emergency legislation that outlines the plan to send just over $14 billion in aid to Israel.

However, that money would be offset by using funds from Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act and more specifically it would take money that was allocated to the IRS.

Democrats have been critical of the decision, but Johnson is not backing down in the face of this pressure from the Senate.

He has stated, “If you ask people at the Pentagon, under oath or in a moment of truth, they will tell you the greatest threat to our national security is our own debt.”

He added “It is in our national interest to support our great ally and friend Israel in their time of need. But we also have to keep our focus on our own financial stability. And so those things must happen simultaneously.”

The bill also clearly separates the aid to Israel from other aid in Biden’s original request which asked for funding for Ukraine and immigrants.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has declared that the legislation is “woefully inadequate” and that the proposed financial offsets are “poison pills that increase the deficit and help wealthy tax cheats avoid paying their fair share.”

Once again, Johnson had no hesitation in his response to Democrats.

He said, “I would refer Sen. Schumer and anyone else who’s a critic of this to the Treasury report that came out this week that indicates that we’re going to have to borrow $1.6 trillion for the next six months to get the government in operation.”

Johnson added, “To suggest that it is a poison pill to have a pay-for in [$14.3 billion] overseas, is, I’m sorry, I just think that’s something that does not line up with reality. And I think the American people largely agree with us. And so I’m ready to have that debate.”

The House will vote on the proposed legislation, but it appears that the bill would have a hard time getting past the Senate.

Johnson’s opinion on the bill is one that America desperately needs from its leaders right now.

The economy in America is in absolute shambles and Democrats want to spend money like there is an endless supply and it will have no effect on the economy.

However, spending more than what is absolutely necessary is a foolish decision that will only lead to more struggle for the average American.

Democrats do not care how difficult life is for the average American, and they are actively trying to destroy the economy and cripple the United States.

The American people need leaders who understand the situation the country is in and will actively try and fix the problem instead of adding to it.

The American people need to fight back against these corrupt politicians and hold them accountable for their actions that are destroying everything around them.

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