Judge overturns election and rules election fraud in shocking twist

Democrats refuse to admit that there is any election fraud at all even when evidence seems to point otherwise. But now, new evidence has people stunned.

And a Judge overturned an election and ruled election fraud in shocking twist.

In the state of Connecticut, a judge has overturned a primary election after a Democrat clerk was court stuffing ballots.

Even while Democrats across the country refuse to admit that they have ever done anything wrong in any election, they have been caught in a massive lie.

New video evidence emerged that showed a supporter of current Mayor Joe Ganim allegedly stuffing ballots into an absentee ballot drop box.

Connecticut Judge William Clark stated that the videos “are shocking to the court and should be shocking to all the parties.”

Connecticut Public reported that “Clark ordered the parties to confer with each other, and with election officials, within 10 days to discuss scheduling a new primary.”

This incident has occurred just days before the November 7 election day, and the picture it paints of Democrats across the nation has a major implication.

According to Connecticut Public, incumbent Ganim won by 251 votes out of a total 8,173 cast, and what really sealed the deal for him was the number of absentee ballots cast for him.

But now with this video evidence, it is clear that these absentee ballots are actually fraudulent, and because of that Clark overturned the election.

In the ruling, Clark said, “The volume of ballots so mishandled is such that it calls the result of the primary election into serious doubt and leaves the court unable to determine the legitimate result of the primary.”

The video evidence was obtained by Ganim’s opposition John Gomes who sued the city and demanded the results be thrown out.

John Gomes’s campaign demanded that along with the results being thrown out he either be declared the winner or there be a redo of the primary.

Gomes’s attorney stated, “At the end of the day, the videos don’t lie. The videos showed substantial, massive absentee ballot misconduct. And that was certainly a substantial reason why the judge ruled the way he did, I think.”

Gomes hailed Judge Clark’s decision to be “a victory for the people of Bridgeport.”

He said, “Today, Lady Justice fulfilled her duty. She attentively heard the voices of the people of Bridgeport, carefully considered the facts, and impartially applied the law, as justice should always be served.”

He added that “The victory today belongs not only to me as the Plaintiff but to all the people of Bridgeport who were wronged in the numerous ways detailed in Judge Clark’s remarkable decision. Today, democracy prevails.”

With clear evidence against the Democrat incumbent, overturning the election was certainly the right and only choice, but now it makes many Americans wonder how much more Democrat election fraud there is.

Even as Trump faces charges in his fight against Democrat election fraud, it becomes increasingly clear that Democrats are corrupt people who will do anything to ensure their victory.

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