Jim Jordan’s horrifying new DOJ discovery has left Americans terrified

New discoveries regarding the justice department have been coming out recently. But no one was prepared for this most recent one.

And Jim Jordan’s newest horrifying DOJ discovery has left Americans completely terrified.

Recently, on FBN’s “The Evening Edit” Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, exposed the DOJ for all the world to see.

He went into detail regarding how DOJ officials had been caught spying on congressional staffers during the time of their investigation into possible Trump and Russia collusion.

He announced that the Judiciary Committee was launching an investigation into the DOJ following these disturbing claims.

The announcement came after reports detailed that Jason Foster, Sen. Chuck Grassley’s former chief investigative counsel, had been spied on by the department.

In an interview, Jordan stated, “We now know that they spied on congressional staffers. We want to know, how far does it go? Were they spying on members? Were they spying on other staffers?”

Jordan emphasized “We want to know, does it go further? So we’ve sent letters not only to the Department of Justice but to all these carriers that the Department of Justice worked with to get the phone records, the email records from congressional staffers like Mr. Foster. How far does this go? Were they spying on members, other staff?”

Jordan sent letters to the CEOs of Apple, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Alphabet demanding that they provide information regarding the alleged spying.

One of the letters read, “The Justice Department’s efforts to obtain the private communications of congressional staffers, including staffers conducting oversight of the Department, is wholly unacceptable and offends fundamental separation of powers principles as well as Congress’s constitutional authority to conduct oversight of the Department.”

The letter stated, “These revelations strongly suggest that the Justice Department weaponized its law-enforcement authority to spy on the entities seeking to hold it accountable.”

Jordan has promised that he will be investigating every single instance of the weaponization of the DOJ under the Biden administration.

As encouraging as it is to have a chair of the Judiciary Committee dedicated to holding the DOJ accountable for their actions, Americans are still scared.

Some people have already thought back to Snowden’s discovery of spying, and they are concerned that the government has not changed and is still spying on the American people.

The government needs to be held accountable and the American people are demanding to know the truth and the extent of the spying.

In an interview Jordan said, “If members of Congress and their staff now think, well, wait a minute, is the federal government, is the executive branch spying on us, looking at everyone I call, looking at all the e-mails we send from our work phone, from our personal phone? That’s going to have a chilling effect, and not to mention the separation of powers, which is a hallmark of our constitutional system.”

And that is certainly the case, but it does not stop with Congress and staffers.

If the government is spying on us, we demand to know.

If the American people cannot trust our own government, then something needs to change immediately and the corruption in the DOJ needs to be purged.

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