Biden’s latest appointee will make your blood run cold

Joe Biden has appointed numerous different figures that are not qualified at all. However, now things have been taken to the extreme.

And the Biden’s latest appointee will make your blood run cold.

The newest U.S. Ambassador to Israel has left many in the Jewish community completely outraged due to his Anti-Semitic history.

The appointee is former treasury secretary Jack Lew whose past included backing Obama’s anti-Israel policies without hesitation.

Many of Lew’s supporters point to the fact that he is a practicing Jew and the highest official appointed to the ambassadorial post.

But, Lew’s past speaks for itself and his support for atrocious Israel-weakening policies has left him open to political attacks.

As Obama’s Treasury Secretary, Lew backed the Iran deal, refused to negotiate with Republicans on the budget, and more recently criticized Trump for moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

Lew is also an outspoken critic of the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who was constantly trying to frustrate Obama’s horrible policies.

Lew was confirmed by the Senate in a 53-43 vote, but many people are extremely frustrated by the appointment.

Because of the Iran deal, Iran was able to use the financial windfall of the deal in order to fund their terrorist activities and funnel funds and resources to groups such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Many people consider Lew at least partly responsible because of his role in supporting the Iran deal as well as numerous other dangerous and harmful anti-Isreal policies.

Lew is extremely partisan and his track record has exposed him as a serial-anti-Israel politician who will continue trying to undermine and weaken the country.

His past actions have also revealed his true character no matter what he says with his words.

The Jewish community in the United States as well as across the whole world have already suffered so much in recent days, and now this appointment has them worried about what the future might look like for them.

The Radical Leftists in the country are stopping at nothing to appoint their harmful lackeys who will continue to undermine Republicans and reasonable policies in this nation.

Joe Biden does not care about how unqualified people are, instead he wants to appoint as many Radicals to power as possible so that he can continue pushing his harmful and destructive policies.

The American people have started to realize that Joe Biden and the Democrats are trying to destroy America and all of our closest allies.

Israel has been the United States’ strongest ally for decades, but now the Left is trying to unravel that and leave America open to attack.

The border security is weakened, Radical politicians and figures refuse to condemn Hamas, and now the appointment of Jack Lew all points to the Democrats’ plan: abandon Israel.

It is time for these corrupt politicians to be held accountable for their actions and for all of them who refuse to serve America to be removed from office.

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