Joe Biden has a five-alarm fire that he’s desperately trying to put out

The Democrat party is falling apart. And they only have themselves to blame.

And now Joe Biden has a five-alarm fire that he’s desperately trying to put out.

A recent poll conducted by Axios and Generation Lab has exposed the narrative that Democrats are trying to convince us of.

It found that the gap between Biden and Trump among younger voters is rapidly getting smaller and Trump is gaining on Biden.

Though the polling is extremely close, younger American voters aged 18-34 are siding with Biden.

The poll shows that 52% of young voters would vote for Biden if the election was held today, and 48% would vote for Trump.

According to the same poll, the number one majority for many of these young voters was the economy.

Biden has lost an absurd amount of support among a key demographic: young voters.

After the past few years of the Radical Left’s “Bidenmoics,” young voters have apparently had enough.

Joe Biden has once again proven that he does not care about this nation, and all he cares about is destroying the lives of Americans.

Another survey conducted in December by the New York Times/Siena has shown that 49% of unregistered voters in the age range of 18-29 will vote for Trump.

In the same poll, only 43% said they would vote for Joe Biden.

Another key issue that has Americans frustrated is the conflict in Israel.

Almost 50% of voters said that they believed Donald Trump would do a better job of handling the issue than Joe Biden.

And even more so, 72% state that they disapprove of how the situation is being handled so far.

Even though Biden is still slightly favored over Trump by young voters, the young demographic is one that Democrats have relied on for years.

But now, under Biden’s leadership, even those numbers are slipping away to Trump.

The numbers are not lying, and the American people are waking up.

After nearly four years of a horrible economy, crisis at the southern border, and horrific policies in the Middle East, Americans are abandoning Biden.

Joe Biden has done nothing but drive this country further and further into poverty and tragedy.

We cannot sit by idly as the Radical Left takes over.

We must fight back, and we must take back our country from this failed administration.

It is time to show Democrats and the Left who America truly supports.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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