Top Democrat leader makes a disgusting decision that massively backfires

The Left is always passing laws and bills that make no sense. But many times they are truly terrible and even dangerous decisions.

And a top Democrat leader has made a disgusting decision that has massively backfired.

Democrat states are constantly making decisions and passing laws that make absolutely no sense at all.

And many times the reasoning for their decisions and policies makes even less sense.

But this most recent incident truly confused everyone.

Recently, Governor Gavin Newsom decided to back an extremely controversial bill that proposed removing four hydro-dams along the Northern border of California.

One major reason for dismantling the dams was that environmentalists claimed it would protect salmon in the Klamath River.

However, since the dams have been breached, this plan has completely failed and backfired.

A report from the California Globe claims that the breach has destroyed spawning salmon beds en masse.

It also claims that pollution from decomposed algae chemicals, silt, and organic deposition is destroying the ecosystem of the river.

On top of that, dead endangered species such as steelhead trout and others have been floating to the surface and the conditions of the river have made it so that baby salmon cannot survive.

Ironically, it was environmental organizations who pressured Newsom into dismantling the dams.

They wanted him to act quickly to “save the salmon” to which Newsom complied.

However, his liberal policies have once again backfired and he has been exposed for the fraud he truly is.

Environmental activists thought they had won when the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved the dismantling of the dams in November of 2022.

It was supposed to prevent the dying off of massive amounts of salmon by letting the water freely flow downriver.

The free-flowing water was supposed to kill off parasites that were harming young salmon.

Proponents of the dam removal project believed that by restoring hundreds of miles of habitat for salmon, the population would flourish.

Gavin Newsom even personally wrote to Warren Buffet asking him to support the $450 million cause.

But now, just like almost every Democrat policy, the plan has backfired and shown the American people how stupid the Left really is.

This country is being destroyed by Liberal idiots like Newsom who have no clue what they are doing.

We cannot allow it to continue.

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