Joe Biden is trembling after being found in this compromising act

Joe Biden is a pathological liar, and he does not know how to be honest with us. Now, things are escalating.

And Joe Biden is trembling after being found in this compromising act.

President Biden’s economic advisor Jared Bernstein is once again trying to mislead the public about the state of the economy.

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Bernstein claimed that the economy is “moving on the right track” and that “real wages have grown.” However, these claims are simply not true.

The average American is suffering from high inflation, which has outpaced wage growth. As a result, people are able to buy less with their hard-earned money.

However, Bernstein said, “We are looking at consumer spending that’s been driving this economy forward posting growth rates that are north of 5 percent. We have an unemployment rate that’s been below 4 percent for 21 months. Now, what that means in a period where inflation has come down by two-thirds, it peaked at 9 percent. It’s now 3.2.”

Bernstein’s attempt to spin the facts is an insult to the American people. We know that the economy is not doing well, and they are tired of being lied to by the Biden administration.

Bernstein’s claims about inflation are particularly misleading. He only cited data from the last couple of months, which does not reflect the full picture.

The reality is that inflation has been rising for over a year, and it is still significantly higher than it was when President Trump was in office.

The Biden administration’s policies have made inflation worse, and they are doing nothing to help the American people.

The interviewer tried to call out Bernstein when he claimed the economy was doing well and he emphasized that “wages have not kept up.”

But once again, Bernstein just shrugged off the concerns and tried to twist the truth by saying, “So real wages have grown, real wages, in other words, wages are beating prices now. So is disposable income, by the way.”

Jared Bernstein’s comments are just another example of the Biden administration’s dishonesty. They are trying to hide the truth from the American people, but they cannot keep it up forever.

The truth is that the economy is still in the toilet and it is all Biden’s fault, and no matter how much he and his officials lie to the American people, we know the truth.

Biden officials are trying to claim that things are on the rise, but even if that were true, things are only better from a few months ago which says nothing about the economy.

Donald Trump had the United States in an extremely powerful economic situation and the average American was flourishing, but Biden has erased it all.

The American people deserve better than to be lied to by their own government. They need to hold the Biden administration accountable for their failures.

We must stand up for the truth, and we must hold our political officials accountable.

Bernstein and other Biden officials must be punished for lying to the American people just to make Joe Biden look better.

We know the truth, and we are fighting back against the Radical Left and their harmful and destructive policies.

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