Biden official makes shocking announcement about this terror threat

Acts of terror seem to be on the rise all across the nation. And Americans are always seemingly caught in the crossfire.

But even now, a Biden official made a shocking announcement about this terror threat.

National security adviser Jake Sullivan’s recent remarks about the Biden administration’s negotiations with Qatar to secure the release of U.S. citizens being held by Hamas terrorists inside Gaza have raised serious concerns about the potential impact on the safety of Americans around the world.

In a Sunday interview on “Meet The Press,” Sullivan dodged a question about whether the negotiations could endanger Americans, simply stating that the administration is committed to bringing Americans home.

However, this response fails to address the potential consequences of negotiating with terrorists, even indirectly.

As history has shown, negotiating with terrorists can set a dangerous precedent and embolden them to take more Americans hostage.

When the U.S. government pays ransom or makes other concessions to terrorists, it sends a message that they are a viable target and that they can be rewarded for their actions.

This message can have a ripple effect, making Americans more vulnerable to kidnapping and other threats around the world.

Terrorists in other regions may see the U.S. government’s willingness to negotiate with Hamas as an opportunity to demand similar concessions, putting even more Americans at risk.

The Biden administration’s negotiations with Qatar are a misguided attempt to secure the release of hostages, but they could have far-reaching consequences that endanger Americans worldwide.

NBC News’s Kristen Welker asked Sullivan during a Sunday interview on “Meet The Press” whether he had “any concern that the U.S. so publicly negotiating a hostage release sends a message that Americans are willing to negotiate with terrorists, even if indirectly, and that that could ultimately put the lives of other Americans at risk on the world stage?”

Welker’s question comes after the Biden administration paid $6 billion to Iran to secure the release of five U.S. citizens who were being unlawfully detained by the Islamic Republic.

It is also estimated that those funds were used to fund Hamas for their horrific terror attacks on Israel last month.

“Look, we’ve been in the business since the beginning of the Biden administration – and President Biden has taken a leadership role in this – in taking steps to bring home Americans who are unjustly detained or being held hostage overseas,” he said. “And we’ve been willing to make hard decisions to do that because as the president said, he has no higher priority than to bring Americans home. When the United States had one policy or another, people were taking Americans hostage.”

“So from our perspective, this isn’t about precedent. It isn’t about policy,” he claimed. “It’s about a simple principle: if there’s an American citizen being held overseas, we are going to do everything in our power – using diplomacy, using influence, using leverage – to be able to get those people home safely to their families. That is the commitment of President Biden.”

The Biden administration’s willingness to negotiate with terrorists is a departure from the Trump administration’s policy of “maximum pressure.”

Under this policy, the Trump administration imposed harsh sanctions on Iran and other terrorist-supporting regimes and refused to negotiate with terrorists.

This policy was effective in deterring terrorism and putting pressure on terrorist groups. It also sent a strong message that the U.S. would not tolerate terrorism.

The Biden administration’s return to the failed policy of appeasement is a dangerous mistake. This policy will only embolden terrorists and make Americans more vulnerable to attack.

Americans across the world deserve to feel safe and secure from terrorist attacks, but Joe Biden seems to not care about America or American safety, and instead, he has resorted to sending billions to terrorist organizations.

We need to push back against this horrible administration and elect leaders who will protect American lives.

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