Chuck Schumer made this one critical move that is horrifying Republicans

chuck schumer

Democrats play dirty, and they are always looking for ways to screw over Republicans. But now things are going too far.

And now Schumer made this one critical move that is horrifying Republicans.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is rushing through a border security bill in an attempt to put pressure on Republicans to support his plan for a quick vote on President Joe Biden’s request for roughly $106 billion in funds for Israel, Ukraine, and other national security priorities.

Schumer claims that the “biggest holdup” is the “insistence” by Republicans to link aid to Ukraine, which is fighting against Russian invaders, to “partisan” U.S. border security policy.

However, it is clear that Schumer is simply trying to score political points by using the border crisis as a bargaining chip.

Schumer’s plan for a quick vote on the $106 billion funding package is nothing more than a political ploy.

He knows that Republicans are unlikely to support the bill, but he is hoping that by rushing through the process, he can make them look like the villains.

This is just another example of Schumer’s divisive leadership. He is more interested in playing politics and attacking Republicans than in solving problems.

In a recent letter, Schumer shared additional priorities for the Democrat-controlled Senate, including passing the National Defense Authorization Act before the end of 2023, negotiating with the House on full-year spending bills ahead of two government shutdown deadlines early next year, and setting up a classified briefing to update senators on the situation in Ukraine.

The New York Democrat also declared that he will have the full Senate consider a resolution passed by the Rules Committee to break Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s months-long “hold” on the Senate’s ability to quickly approve U.S. military nominees in protest against a Pentagon abortion policy.

“Senators should expect long days and nights, and potentially weekends in December,” Schumer said in ending his letter.”

Schumer’s plan is also a slap in the face to the American people. At a time when our country is facing so many challenges, the last thing we need is more partisan bickering from our elected officials.

Schumer’s plan is a dangerous game of brinkmanship. He is risking a government shutdown over his partisan agenda, and he wants to paint Republicans as “the bad guys.”

This sort of irresponsible and anti-America behavior is exactly why the American people have completely lost their trust in the Democrat party.

The American people are already facing a number of crises, including inflation, a supply chain crisis, and conflict in Europe.

We cannot afford another manufactured crisis caused by Chuck Schumer’s political gamesmanship.

Chuck Schumer’s plan for a quick vote on the $106 billion funding package is nothing more than a political ploy. He is more interested in playing games than in solving problems.

The American people deserve better than Chuck Schumer. They deserve leaders who will put the needs of our country first.

We must elect officials who will prioritize the safety of our country over sending hundreds of billions of dollars in military aid to foreign countries.

We need leaders who will make America great and will keep the United States out of more wars.

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