Joe Biden made this disgraceful move that set Capitol Hill on fire

Joe Biden cannot go a day without being in the news. For one reason or another, Biden is always humiliating himself.

And now he made this disgraceful move that set Capitol Hill on fire.

New reports are revealing just the extent that the Biden family has gone through to cover up their lifestyle of lawlessness.

During Joe Biden’s vice presidency, he used a number of different pseudonyms while communicating with Hunter Biden.

Many of these communications that were covered up were related to Ukraine and the Biden family’s dealings in Ukraine.

One such correspondence was sent to Joe Biden by a staffer and Hunter Biden was looped in on the message.

It was regarding meetings with Ukrainian officials.

Normally Hunter was not looped in on his father’s communications, but strangely he was looped in on a number that related to Ukraine specifically.

At this point in time, Hunter was on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company.

When Hunter Biden was looped in on conversations regarding Ukraine, a lot of time his father used a pseudonym.

The House Oversight Committee asked the National Archives for communications involving three such pseudonyms: Robert Peters, Robin Ware, and JRB.

These three pseudonyms all pertain to discussions regarding Ukrainian policies.

On top of discussing Ukraine policy with his son, another email shows a different conversation that “Robin Ware” (a Joe Biden alias) had with Hunter.

The email shows Hunter asking his father to help his friend, John McGrail, land a job.

When Hunter asks his father to consider his friend before filling the position, Joe responds, “Call me right away.”

A month later, John McGrail’s LinkedIn page showed he had started a new job in the vice president’s office.

Many of these emails containing aliases and pseudonyms directly contradict Joe Biden’s own words regarding his knowledge of Hunter Biden’s relations.

It is now clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that Joe Biden had much more involvement in his son’s dealings than he led on.

And these recent discoveries prove Joe Biden’s involvement.

With the committee’s request for more correspondences containing more of Joe Biden’s aliases, more information, and the American people will know the truth.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics as we uncover more of this story.

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