Key Senator pushes impeachment that will blindside Democrats

Democrats are on the verge of falling apart. The American people are fed up.

And now a key senator is pushing for an impeachment blindside against Democrats.

District Attorney Fani Willis has come under heavy fire since her recent indictment of Donald Trump and 18 others.

Many have accused her of not being impartial and many claim that she has a political agenda.

The entire process has been full of shady dealings that have left Americans frustrated and concerned.

There is a lack of faith in the American judicial system.

Now, Georgia state senator Colton Moore is calling for “an emergency session to review the actions of Fani Willis.”

Sen. Moore went on further to say, “America is under attack. I’m not going to sit back and watch as radical left prosecutors politically TARGET political opponents.”

This call comes shortly after not only the indictment, but also other questionable actions by the DA and her office.

Before the grand jury had even voted to indict or not, a leak from the DA’s office showed the indictment before it had even been voted on.

The state senator published a public letter to the Georgia Governor asking a special session be held in order to investigate Fani Willis.

Late Monday, Willis held a press conference in which she stated her desire to have the trial within six months.

She also gave Trump and the 18 other defendants until August 25 to surrender themselves.

Many Americans are infuriated with the indictment calling the charges “hoax charges” and exclaiming that they are “politically charged.”

Sen. Moore feels he is doing the right thing by pushing for Willis’s impeachment and may agree.

Trump has called these prosecutions a “witch hunt” and has demanded justice for himself and the other defendants.

After the ruling was handed down, the Trump campaign emailed its supporters.

The email claimed that Willis came from a “family steeped in hate.”

While some might think those words are extreme, many agree and call for the impeachment of Willis.

Regardless of political opinion, it is blatantly obvious that Willis mishandled the entire indictment proceedings.

And it seems just as obvious that she has some other political agenda than seeing true justice in America.

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