Investigation exposes top Democrats’ secret plan for America

House investigations are extremely common. Many times, they are used solely for political gain.

But this investigation exposed top Democrats’ secret plan for America.

A recent report has shown that House Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee are investigating tax-exempt groups tampering with elections.

An investigation has shown that there have been traces of election fraud and the funneling of foreign money in order to sway US elections.

House representatives Jason Smith and David Schweikert wrote an open letter than further elaborates on these concerns.

They believe that certain actions by tax-exempt groups may have funded fraudulent election activities.

“The Committee has learned that a Super Political Action Committee (PAC) recommended donations to 501(c)(3) organizations as ‘the single most effective tactic for ensuring Democratic victories’ and that large donations from a wealthy donor to state election offices in 2020 may have been done in a manner that helps one political party over another. Additionally, the Committee has also found that significant amounts of foreign money is flowing through 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations to influence elections.”

The letter sought input on the current congressional and IRS regulations regarding these areas.

They asked if there “any tax-exempt organizations whose voter education or registration activities you suspect might have had the effect of favoring a candidate or group of candidates which would constitute prohibited participation or intervention? If yes, please describes [sic] those activities?”

The representatives claimed that there was a significant amount of work that needed to be done in order to stop tax-exempt organizations working with Democrats to commit election fraud.

Rep. Tenney stated that she was “going to look into whether they’re abusing the IRS rules in order to get all kinds of money, whether it’s foreign money or Sam Bankman-Fried‘s mother funneling money in there to target certain types of voters in certain demographics in swing states to make sure that they get those vote votes in.”

In 2020, the Technology and Civic Life as well as the Center for Election Innovation and Research received a massive amount of election funding that unfairly benefited Democrat counties.

Both of these groups are funded heavily by Mark Zuckerberg who gave around 419 million dollars to them in 2020 for the election.

A report posted by the Government Accountability Foundation describes the funding as heavily favoring blue counties.

An average of $7.13 was spent per voter in blue counties whereas only an average of $1.91 was spent per voter in red counties.

The letter states, “We are concerned about the possibility that foreign nationals are influencing our elections by indirectly donating millions of dollars to organizations that spend on behalf of or against candidates for public office without concern about disclosure requirements that would shed light on how exactly their funds are being used.”

This is a frightening accusation in a time such as this.

With top Democrats heavily investigating election fraud themselves and with the recent indictment in Georgia, many wonder if this is the Democrat’s way of covering up their own election fraud.

Even as they try and point fingers at Trump and his supporters, Democrats are caught up in election fraud themselves.

A frightening realization for Americans as they feel that American democracy truly is under attack.

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