Joe Biden makes massive mistake during recent press conference and it proves the scary truth

The Radical Left has been covering for Joe Biden for quite some time. But the truth was bound to come out eventually.

And now, Joe Biden has made a massive mistake during a recent press conference and it has proven the scary truth.

At a press conference on Wednesday in front of the White House, President Joe Biden welcomed the Japanese Prime Minister.

President Biden invited Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio to the White House for an official visit and a state dinner.

According to VOA News, the leaders will unveil new defense and technology projects.

However, instead of showing a strong nation led by a capable leader, Joe Biden fumbled over words, made ridiculous errors in his speech, and read answers off of a script after calling on a list of specific reporters.

The Republican Party has used the president’s prearranged press conferences as leverage in the November presidential election, accusing him of being mentally ill and unable to respond to questions on his own without help.

The president has been criticized multiple times for doing this in the past, and the American people are starting to doubt if Joe Biden has the mental capability to handle any unscripted questions.

The wording of the script was reflected in Biden’s sunglasses, and it is clear that his handlers have no faith in him either.

Furthermore, rather than choosing the reporters at random, President Biden did not hide the fact that he had a list of authorized reporters to call on.

After responding to a question, Biden muttered to himself, appearing to be confused, and asked, “Who do I call on next? Hang on a second. I got my list here.”

Former President Donald Trump, the official Republican Party presidential candidate, has frequently accused and ridiculed Joe Biden for using a teleprompter during speeches and press conferences, saying that Biden still makes mistakes when giving remarks even with the additional help.

During this news briefing, Biden made the embarrassing mistake of calling himself the “20th-century” candidate. He then clarified that he meant to say “21st-century.”

Joe Biden is a puppet whose strings are being pulled by those on the Radical Left.

He is so mentally unfit that he cannot even answer questions unless they are scripted beforehand.

Joe Biden is not fit to serve as President of the United States, and we cannot allow him to continue destroying this great nation and making America look weak in front of foreign allies.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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