Joe Biden was mortified by what this major Democrat just admitted on CNN

Democrats aren’t even hiding their disdain for Americans and conservatives anymore. They parade it on the Fake News Media every day.

Even Joe Biden was mortified by what this major Democrat just admitted on CNN.

Just take a look at what has occurred in our country during the previous 12 months.

Families hardly have enough money for food on the table.

While inflation keeps rising, wages are beginning to decline sharply.

Add the rising cost of gas and the many families that are struggling to make ends meet on top of the inflation rate.

And as American people struggle barely to get by, Congress and the Biden Administration have been handing the Ukrainian government blank cheques.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the American military-industrial complex has been working nonstop to use any means necessary to influence legislators and lobbyists to funnel billions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine.

Ukraine is receiving $45 billion in hard-earned tax revenue from the American people as a result of the Omnibus law that was enacted last week.

It’s unfortunate that the majority of that money will never be monitored or traced by the American government.

But the biggest problem our country is currently facing is not even having the bank door open to the American Treasury for Ukraine.

The main topic that Democrats and the corporate-controlled don’t want to discuss is illegal immigration.

Thousands of illegal immigrants cross the border every day.

Others run into the interior of the country with God knows what intentions, while others of them run straight to our border patrol officials with a sneer on their faces knowing they can do nothing to them.

And as a result of this never-ending stream of illegal immigrants, many of our streets and schools are overrun with fentanyl and other narcotics, and gangs are growing in areas of the country where no one ever imagined they could.

But as with every significant issue affecting Middle America, the Democrats’ new talking point is that if you believe that illegal immigration is a problem that needs to be rectified, you are just an enemy of the state.

Abigail Spanberger, a congresswoman, is a rising star in the Democratic Party because she consistently wins elections in ways that no one anticipated.

As they look to her for guidance on policy, what she says will eventually become the Democratic Party’s main talking point.

And she appeared on CNN to tell its four remaining viewers that they were spreading Russian misinformation and posed a threat to our country if they had a problem with the government giving billions of dollars to Ukraine but spending zero dollars to safeguard the southern border.

In response to Republicans’ worries that our border wasn’t getting enough support when we were spending billions to secure Ukraine’s borders, Spanberger asserted:

“What we have here, unfortunately, is people who are falling prey to Russian talking points, to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s talking point. The idea that Putin continues to try and divide the United States, not only here domestically, but divide us from our allies, create divisions and sow distrust or dissension among our ranks. So the conversations I’ve been having with colleagues are very simple: do not fall pray to Vladimir Putin’s talking points.”

It’s astonishing how any criticism of the current administration instantly turns you into Putin’s spokesperson.

So if you wish to defend our southern border, be prepared for the accusations that you are suddenly just a Putin supporter.

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