Joe Biden’s border crisis got so much worse with this one move

Joe Biden has effectively ruined border security and thrown this nation into a ridiculous crisis. All of this could have been avoided with strong leadership.

But now Joe Biden’s border crisis got so much worse with this one move.

While fireworks erupt south of the Rio Grande, Americans north of the border are facing the simmering consequences of the Biden administration’s disastrous border policies.

In Texas, the American dream is getting stuck at the border crossing, tangled in the chaos of record-breaking illegal immigration and overwhelmed legal infrastructure.

Imagine waiting 13 hours under the scorching Texas sun, the promised land of opportunity tantalizingly close yet agonizingly inaccessible.

This is the purgatory endured by legal US residents and American citizens returning from lawful trips to Mexico at ports of entry like International Bridge #2 in Piedras Negras-Eagle Pass.

With only one lane operational due to the Biden administration’s misplaced priorities, the line snakes back for miles, a testament to the self-inflicted crisis engulfing the border.

While CBP scrambles to handle the tidal wave of illegal crossings, legal ports of entry grind to a standstill.

Resources diverted to process, transport, and even diaper the record-breaking influx of migrants leave American citizens and legal residents stranded in a bureaucratic purgatory.

Traffic grids crawl to a standstill, tempers flare under the sun, and frustration boils over into scuffles as desperation takes hold.

This isn’t just a logistical nightmare; it’s an economic hammer blow to vital US trade corridors.

In Piedras Negras alone, businesses reliant on cross-border commerce are hemorrhaging $150,000 daily.

American companies utilizing the port for exports and imports are facing delays and disruptions, impacting supply chains and driving up costs.

The American dream of prosperity is withering under the shadow of unchecked illegal immigration.

But the economic woes are just the tip of the iceberg. The Biden administration’s failure to secure the border fuels widespread anxiety and insecurity within American communities.

When the law loses its teeth, crime flourishes.

Human traffickers, drug cartels, and other bad actors exploit the chaos, their sinister tentacles stretching deep into American towns and cities.

The promise of safety, a cornerstone of the American dream, crumbles as shadows lengthen across the border.

This isn’t just a Texas problem; it’s an American crisis.

The consequences of the border meltdown echo across the nation, impacting our economy, our security, and our very sense of national identity.

The American dream cannot survive in a state of perpetual siege, its doors flung open to those who disregard our laws and exploit our vulnerabilities.

The time for partisan platitudes and political finger-pointing is over.

The Biden administration must wake from its ideological slumber and prioritize the immediate, decisive action needed to secure the border.

We need more boots on the ground, not woke pronouncements.

We need real solutions, not political theater.

Until then, the American dream will remain stranded at the Rio Grande, a mirage shimmering in the heat of a crisis of the administration’s own making.

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