Ron DeSantis’s response to Colorado Supreme Court ruling has people stunned in silence

The Colorado Supreme Court ruling has been all over the news for days now. But no one could have seen this coming.

And Ron DeSantis’s response to the ruling has people stunned in silence.

In a move reeking of desperation and political persecution, the Colorado Supreme Court, a body comprised entirely of Democrat-appointed justices, has attempted to disenfranchise millions of American voters by banning former President Donald Trump from appearing on the state’s 2024 primary ballot.

Governor Ron DeSantis responded swiftly and forcefully, exposing this blatant abuse of power for what it is:

A cynical ploy to sway the 2024 election in favor of Joe Biden and the embattled Democrat establishment.

Speaking at a campaign event last Wednesday morning, DeSantis stated the core of this outrage:

“What you’re seeing the left do is they will use the power of the state to advance their agenda. And you see that with the Colorado Supreme Court.”

This isn’t mere hyperbole; the court’s decision rests on a flimsy legal pretext, citing Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment without any semblance of a fair trial or due process.

The court essentially seeks to disqualify a popular candidate based on partisan conjecture and political animus, subverting the democratic will of the American people.

DeSantis aptly highlighted the absurdity of this unprecedented power grab:

“I mean, look, if somebody’s convicted or something of some of these things — there was no trial on any of this. They basically just said, like, you can’t be on the ballot. I mean, how does that work? What’s the limiting principle for that?”

The implications are chilling. If this blatant judicial activism stands, it sets a dangerous precedent for future elections.

Could any Democrat candidate become arbitrarily disqualified based on the whims of a partisan court? Where does this political weaponization of the law end?

As DeSantis rightly pointed out, “Could we just say that Biden can’t be on the ballot because he let in 8 million illegals into the country and violated the Constitution, which he has, could we just say, ‘Oh, well, they have money coming to Hunter’?”

Thankfully, this blatant attempt to rig the system will likely be overturned by the Supreme Court, where a semblance of judicial impartiality still prevails.

But the Colorado court’s decision serves as a stark reminder of the lengths to which the Democrat Party will go to cling to power.

They fear the American people’s rejection in 2024, and their desperation is manifesting in increasingly un-American tactics.

DeSantis’s voice echoes the growing frustration of millions of Americans who see their democratic rights under siege.

The Colorado Supreme Court’s power grab is not just an attack on Donald Trump; it’s an attack on every voter who dares to challenge the status quo.

This brazen attempt to silence dissent underscores the importance of electing leaders like DeSantis, who are unafraid to stand up for our Constitution, our liberties, and the very foundations of American democracy.

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