Joe Biden’s newest actions prove he is unfit to lead

Joe Biden has been proving that he is too far gone since he first took office. But now, there can be no question at all.

And Joe Biden’s newest actions prove he is unfit to lead.

It is no secret that Israel declared war on Hamas after a brutal surprise attack.

The reactions from politicians and leaders across the world have been swift and severe.

However, the greatest country in the world seems to be missing a leader…

Joe Biden’s response to the war in Israel is a disgrace.

Instead of seeming concerned with the war, or frankly even interested at all, Joe Biden instead has been partying at the White House.

In a statement released by the White House on Monday, it was said that “The White House has called a lid for the day, before the pool call time. We will not be seeing the president today.”

What makes this even worse, is that there are Americans being held hostage by Hamas, and Joe Biden does not seem to care at all.

Katie Pavlich made this post on Twitter that seemed to encapsulate the mood of the White House.

It is understandable that being President might warrant a break here or there, and that there is nothing wrong with partying.

However, it is outrageous and disgraceful the lengths that Joe Biden took to make it clear to the world that he does not care about American hostages or his allies under attack.

While all of this was happening in the world, and while one of the USA’s strongest allies declared war, Joe Biden was throwing a BBQ party with a live band.

At the time of the party, at least nine Americans were confirmed to have been killed in the brutal attacks, and Joe Biden had not issued any sort of sincere or meaningful statement; instead, he chose to lounge around at a party.

Joe Biden is a weak and failed leader who cares more about parties and bands than killed or captured Americans.

Political leaders across the alley seem horrified by the response by Joe Biden and his administration, especially when compared to the war in Ukraine.

Joe Biden has sent tens of billions of dollars in aid and supplies to Ukraine, but now when one of our strongest allies is attacked and American lives are lost, Joe Biden sits by idly and does nothing.

America and the world deserve better leaders than those like Joe Biden who prefer to sit and party than care about dead citizens.

We need to hold our elected officials accountable for their disgraced actions, and Joe Biden needs to be removed from office.

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