Joe Biden makes outlandish claim that left Republicans scratching their heads

Joe Biden is known for making some weird statements and outright lies. But this most recent incident has Republicans and Democrats alike utterly confused.

Because Joe Biden made an outlandish claim that left Republicans scratching their heads.

Joe Biden is a disgrace to America, and his outrageous lies to the public need to be held in check.

In a recent interview on Fox News Channel’s “The Story”, the White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby made an extremely unsettling statement in defense of Joe Biden.

Last month, during a summit in Vietnam that was marked in humiliating mistakes for Biden, Joe Biden claimed that climate change is “more frightening than a nuclear war,” and is “the only existential threat” that humanity faces.

The host of the segment with Kirby gave the Security Council Coordinator plenty of time and opportunity to cover up for Joe Biden’s mistake.

Host Martha MacCallum said, “So, now the United States is essentially involved in a war in Europe… We also say that we are rock solid in our support of Israel as they now face a battle So, given that the United States is now involved in wars that are taking place in Europe and also in the Middle East, I want to play this soundbite that [was] just last month in Vietnam and ask you if this still holds for the President.”

MacCallum then played a clip that showed Biden saying this:

“The only existential threat humanity faces, even more frightening than a nuclear war, is global warming going above 1.5 degrees in the next ten years.”

Giving KIrby another chance, MacCallum reiterated, “Given all the nuclear players in these two areas where we are now engaged, John, does the President stand by that comment?”

Kirby’s answer shocked America. He stated, “Absolutely he does. Climate change is an existential threat. It actually threatens and is capable of wiping out all human life on Earth over time. I don’t know how [much] more existential you can get than that.”

In a day and age where there are conflicts and wars all across the world, where every major power has nuclear weapons, and tensions are higher than ever, Joe Biden truly believes that global warming is the most important issue?

What kind of a leader do we have in the White House?

This “leader” has led America extremely close to two wars that include four very powerful and very potentially dangerous armies, but Joe Biden believes global warming is a bigger threat.

Americans and the world are in shock over Joe Biden and his administration’s statements.

America deserves a leader who will not react in such a foolish way, and claim that warm air is going to be a bigger threat to humanity than nuclear warfare.

Joe Biden is a fool and the advisors he surrounds himself with are actively seeking to destroy the world.

Joe Biden wants us all to believe that the biggest threat to humanity is ice melting, and he wants us to use paper straws instead of getting ready for nuclear conflict that is actually real.

Joe Biden is the weakest and most foolhardy leader the world has ever seen, and Americans need to hold him accountable for his words and actions.

It is time to vote Joe Biden out of office and keep him as far away from office as possible.

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