Trump’s made one move that could propel him to the White House

It is becoming more and more clear that Donald Trump will be facing off against Joe Biden again for a bid for the White House. It looks like it will be a tight race.

But Trump’s made one move that could propel him to the White House.

Trump first ran with the campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again” and many would argue that is exactly what he did.

However, now that the Radical Left has held power for a few years, they have been doing everything they can to destroy America.

On Monday, Donald Trump held a rally in New Hampshire where he restated his promise to put America first.

An “America first” outlook and rhetoric could very well be what wins the White House in 2024.

Americans are sick and tired of Sleepy Joe and the entire Radical Left’s harmful agenda that seeks to destroy America and Americans at every opportunity.

Trump stated to the crowd and the world, “When I’m in the White House, the entire world will know that America is strong, America is safe, and that we are going to take care of our people.”

That is the exact kind of thing that Americans want to hear right now.

As Joe Biden and his administration have sent tens of billions to foreign powers while letting their own country rot, Americans are desperate to hear any “America first” rhetoric.

When the tragic Maui fires happened, Joe Biden made it clear where his priorities lay as he sent less than one-tenth of one percent to Hawaii that he had to Ukraine.

Americans have seen this and Trump has seen it too. He slammed Joe Biden in his speech claiming that Joe Biden puts America last.

“Crooked Joe puts China first, he puts Mexico first, Ukraine first, Europe first, Asia first, illegal aliens first, environmental lunatics and maniacs first … everyone else is first,” Trump said.

Trump went on to emphasize his desire to put Americans first.

“We’re gonna take care of the women and men of our country; we’re not gonna worry about the rest of the world. We’ll do that where necessary, but we’ve gotta take care of our country because we’re losing our country.”

Many people admire his love for America and his pro-American policies, especially when they are compared with the harmful and dangerous policies of Joe Biden.

Trump understands that we have foreign allies and friends that will need our help, but that our own country will come long before them.

We need to make sure our border is secure, our economy is stable, and Americans are thriving before we can send tens and hundreds of billions to other countries.

That is one thing that Joe Biden cannot seem to wrap his mind around…

Joe Biden’s harmful policies are being felt all across the nation, and his time has come: Joe Biden needs to be removed from office for his treasonous actions.

He has repeatedly made it clear that he does not care what happens to America or its citizens and that his sole goal is to destroy the lives of Americans.

We must take back the power from the politicians and hold them accountable for their actions.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics as we bring you the TRUTH that no one else will.

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