Joe Biden’s newest mistake has left Democrats scrambling to recover

Joe Biden makes mistakes every single day, and Democrats are left to fix the mess he has made. But this recent incident might just take the cake.

And Joe Biden’s newest mistake has left Democrats scrambling to recover.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden only had one item on his agenda: speak on his administration’s “progress” in regards to dealing with the massive fentanyl problem in the nation.

However, in true Biden fashion, Joe Biden managed to screw up even the simplest speech, because he can’t go a single day without making a shocking or embarrassing mistake.

In a stunning display of incompetence, President Biden made a major gaffe during a speech on the fentanyl crisis, calling for the drug to be made a Schedule I drug.

By calling for this, Joe Biden is claiming he wants to effectively ban fentanyl, including its legitimate medical uses.

The White House was forced to scramble to clean up Biden’s mess, claiming that he had simply misspoken.

They claimed he simply “misspoke” even though he was reading directly from his notes, which calls many to question if Joe Biden can even read anymore.

This is not the first time that Biden has made a gaffe during a speech. In fact, he is notorious for his blunders and misstatements.

This is just merely the latest incident that highlights his declining cognitive abilities and raises serious questions about his fitness for office.

Biden’s handling of the fentanyl crisis has been nothing short of disastrous. He has failed to secure the border, allowing the deadly drug to flood into the country.

He has also taken a soft stance on China, which is a major producer of fentanyl precursors.

As a result of Biden’s inaction, fentanyl overdoses have skyrocketed, killing tens of thousands of Americans.

Biden’s “slip up” recently regarding the fentanyl crisis is just one more example of his incompetence and his failure to lead.

Biden’s gaffe on fentanyl is not just a harmless mistake. It is a reflection of his deep-seated lack of knowledge and understanding of the issues facing the country.

Biden is simply not qualified to be president. He is mentally unfit for the job, and he has no clear plan to address the challenges facing the country.

The American people deserve a leader who is competent and capable of leading the nation through these turbulent times. Joe Biden is not that leader.

It is time to stand up as a nation and remove this incompetent idiot from office while there is still time to save America from the disaster he has put us in.

We demand a leader who will be able to read and speak and who actually has a functioning brain.

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