White House challenger makes shocking comments about Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is incompetent to put it plain and simple. But many Democrats keep trying to defend her actions.

However, now a Democrat White House challenger has called out Harris for her incompetencies.

Recently, Rep. Dean Phillips called out Vice President Kamala Harris, questioning her competence and electability.

Phillips’s remarks, made in an interview with The Atlantic, have sparked outrage among Harris supporters and Democrats, who accuse him of engaging in cheap political attacks, which is of course ironic since they have done the exact same thing.

Phillips, a millionaire businessman and third-term House Democrat, is currently running for president against President Biden, and has made his opinions on the current Vice president very clear.

While Phillips has been careful not to directly criticize Biden, he has hesitated from attacking Harris.

In the interview, Phillips stated that Harris is “not well-prepared” and does not have the “right disposition and the right competencies” to be president.

He also pointed to her low approval ratings, saying that she is “not somebody people have faith in.”

Harris has the lowest approval rating for any Vice President in the history of the nation, and it is clear that people cannot stand her.

But of course, these comments have drawn fierce criticism from Harris supporters and Democrats, who accuse Phillips of sexism and opportunism which is a ridiculous attempt at deflecting blame away from Harris.

CNN commentator Karen Finney called Phillips’s remarks a “well-worn attack” and “cheap political points,” while former Long Beach mayor Robert Garcia accused him of “floundering” and “torching his entire reputation.”

Phillips has defended his remarks, saying that he is simply reflecting the views of many Americans.

He stated that he has “heard from others” who believe Harris is not qualified to be president.

Many Americans cannot stand Harris and believe her to be an incompetent fool just like Joe Biden, but she does not even have dementia to blame for her ridiculous behavior.

Rep. Dean Phillips’s attack on Vice President Kamala Harris has sparked outrage among Democrats and Harris supporters and is a sign of the growing division within the Democratic Party.

The American people have seen this division in the Democrat party and are watching it play out, happy to see the Democrat party destroying themselves and opening up the way for a real leader to take the White House.

While Phillips is completely right that Harris is incompetent and not fit to serve, so are Joe Biden and the other Democrat challengers, and America needs competent leaders right now.

The country is crumbling around us and the average American family is suffering under the atrocious liberal policies of the Left.

Americans are desperate for a leader who will step up and save the country and make it great like it once was.

Joe Biden and none of the Democrat challengers are that leader, so America is content to sit back and watch them tear each other apart.

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