Joe Biden’s recent impeachment announcement has people stunned

The Biden family has been under investigation for some time now, and it seems the whole family has been exposed as corrupt. But this newest development could change everything.

And Joe Biden’s recent impeachment announcement has people stunned.

On Monday, President Joe Biden notified the House that he was declining an offer to provide testimony in connection with an impeachment investigation that centered on corruption.

Prior to the suggested hearing date of April 16, his special counsel, Richard Sauber, delivered the message to House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY).

The letter asserted that Biden “has done nothing wrong” and that the oversight group had produced proof that showed the “impeachment investigation is over.”

Sauber wrote that the House should “focus on the issues that matter to the American people rather than continuing to waste time and taxpayer resources on this partisan charade.”

He added that “we decline your invitation for President Biden to testify.”

The letter omitted information concerning Biden’s responses to a series of questions that Comer had asked him to write on.

These questions included whether Biden had met or otherwise engaged with certain foreign business executives and information about the circumstances surrounding those encounters.

However, according to a statement from the House Oversight Committee, Biden declined to respond to the inquiries.

In a recent statement, Comer said, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Biden family. Like his son, Hunter Biden, President Biden is refusing to testify in public about the Bidens’ corrupt influence peddling. This comes as no surprise since President Biden continues to lie about his relationships with his son’s business partners, even denying they exist when his son said under oath during a deposition that they did.”

He added, “It is unfortunate President Biden is unwilling to answer questions before the American people and refuses to answer the very simple, straightforward questions we included in the invitation.”

“Why is it so difficult for the White House to answer those questions? The American people deserve transparency from President Biden, not more lies,” Comer continued.

In late March, Comer extended a formal invitation to Biden. He proposed April 16 as the hearing date and stated that his panel was willing to work with the president’s schedule.

$24 million that “flowed” toward Biden, his family, and their business partners from other nations like China and Ukraine was traced by House investigators, according to Comer. He claimed his panel had found “no legitimate services to merit such lucrative payments.”

Biden’s statement about being involved in his family’s economic ventures is “wholly contradicted” by evidence, Comer said, citing bank records and witness testimony.

According to the chairman, the White House “refuses to release certain information or make available witnesses to testify regarding issues” and has adopted a “position hostile” to his panel’s probe.

Comer highlighted that the public needs to know the truth and that the current narrative is confusing at best.

“The public is left with two irreconcilable narratives,” said Comer. “The first — asserted by you — is that you did not engage in influence peddling in exchange for payments to your family.”

“The second asserted by witnesses and a body of evidence … is that you were indeed involved in these pay-for-influence schemes and that you have been repeatedly untruthful regarding a matter relevant to national security and your own fitness to serve.” he continued.

Even though it is still uncertain if the Republicans will eventually file articles of impeachment or even have the necessary votes in the sharply divided House, Comer has hinted that there will be criminal referrals from the investigation.

The American people demand the truth, and the fact that Biden is running away and refusing to testify is yet another indicator that something isn’t right…

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