Radical Left leaders propose blatant stealing in order to fund anti-American agenda

Liberal leaders in this country hate America, so no one should be surprised when they act like it. But now, they have proposed something so extreme that even Democrats are shocked.

Because Radical Left leaders have proposed blatant stealing in order to fund their anti-American agenda.

Radical Left politicians in America have been pushing their agenda for so long, that there is no longer any attempt to hide their disdain for Americans.

Their ideologies are so anti-America that people are shocked at how they are allowed to be politicians in this great nation.

But one major issue that exposes the Left is the United States border crisis.

Over the course of the past few years, Joe Biden and the Left have completely destroyed everything that Trump built in regard to border security and safe immigration policies.

They have completely opened the border wide open and are letting in all sorts of terrorists, criminals, and other illegal aliens.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, these illegal immigrants are getting treated better than many American citizens are.

Because of Joe Biden and the Left, our own citizens are struggling in this economy to provide for their families and afford basic necessities; many Americans have even been forced out of their own homes and jobs because of the Left.

And while this is all taking place and while millions of Americans are suffering, the Left is stealing our hard-earned tax-payer dollars and they are using them to improve illegal aliens’ lives.

And now, the administration of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has suggested allocating $8 million to pay for legal assistance for undocumented immigrants requesting asylum in the United States.

The funds allocated for the next fiscal year will be used to partially cover the cost of hiring lawyers to defend undocumented individuals in immigration court.

According to the planned budget, asylum seekers could contribute to increasing Michigan’s population and economy.

The Executive Budget Recommendation for Fiscal Year 2025, which was made public in February, allots $8 million to “New Michigander Immigration and Legal Services.”

It would “expand and improve immigrant integration efforts in Michigan through grants for wraparound supports that will facilitate the success of newcomers. Services may include case management, transportation, legal services, language access supports, digital literacy, and learning.”

The proposal claims that “growing the state’s population is a key factor in boosting the economy and building shared prosperity across the state.”

It also said that these funds were included as part of the “Governor’s population growth goals.”

Elizabeth Orozco-Vasquez, chief executive officer of Freedom House in Detroit, told Capital News Service “You’re twice as likely to get asylum if you have some type of representation.”

32% of all immigration cases in the state received legal representation as of December 2023.

This is in addition to Whitmer’s administration’s $500 monthly “newcomer rental subsidy” offer to landlords who wish to lodge undocumented immigrants in the state for a maximum of 12 months.

While the Left continues to make it clear that their last priority is American citizens, we cannot allow this madness to continue any longer.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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