Joe Manchin’s astonishing take on Joe Biden has Democrats completely rattled

Democrats are starting to turn on each other. Could this be the break Republicans need?

And Joe Manchin’s astonishing take on Joe Biden has Democrats completely rattled.

On a recent broadcast of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, Joe Manchin presented an interesting take on immigration in the United States.

Manchin stated that “every state should be bidding” on whether or not to take migrants and that those states would “be responsible to make sure they’re acclimated to our way of life.”

Manchin further claimed that the way asylum was currently set up where “you just put one foot on our soil and you have all these rights. And people are sick and tired of” immigrants taking resources.

He went on further to give an example of a system that he thought would work.

He said, “…in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, we have people that have orchards and they need people to come and help [with] picking crops and all that. They could have — we have housing there for them, everything. We need — planting — we could have taken some from New York, and every state can’t.”

Manchin acknowledges that not every state can receive immigrants and that not every state’s economy can handle the change.

But he went on further to say, “You’re not going to fix this by saying the federal government’s going to be responsible for all the people that are here or coming here.”

Instead, Manchin thinks that “Every state should be bidding on, we can take 50,000 workers in West Virginia, I’m just [saying] hypothetically, and then you’re going to be responsible to make sure they’re acclimated to our way of life.”

The idea is certainly an intriguing one, but it is one that Democrats are adamantly against.

The Radical Left is so bent on the destruction of America that they do not care about individual states or their economies.

The idea that individual states should decide if they receive immigrants does not address the border crisis, but it is one that would certainly appeal to certain states.

Many Republican states have been sending immigrants to places like Massachusetts, New York, California, and Illinois since those states all claimed they would happily welcome immigrants.

However, the plan backfired on Democrats, and now their states have been overrun with illegal immigrants that are crippling cities and economies.

Countless Democrat leaders across the nation have begged Joe Biden for help during this crisis, but Sleepy Joe has refused to do anything to help… even for his own allies.

The border crisis is one that cannot be so easily swept under the rug, and Democrat leaders have a lot of work ahead of them to fix the problem they have put America in.

Manchin’s idea might be helpful in certain situations, but the truth is that Joe Biden and the Radical Left need to fix the actual problem.

America’s border needs to be secured and Democrats need to take responsibility for their actions.

It is time for Americans to hold our leaders responsible, and we need to vote out these corrupt and treasonous politicians who are so dedicated to destroying America.

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