Key Democrat makes unbelievable statement that will leave you red with rage

Democrats have been deflecting blame for as long as Democrats have been around. But this recent attempt is a joke.

And a Key Democrat made an unbelievable statement that will leave you red with rage.

Democrat leaders across the nation have been adamant that the border is secure and that there is no crisis at the border.

Joe Biden has repeatedly refused to admit that the security of our nation is under attack.

The Radical Left has been pointing to anyone but themselves for the influx of illegals crossing the border.

They blame Trump, or racism, or Republicans, but they refuse to take any responsibility for the crisis that they themselves have created.

Ranking Member of the Border Security and Enforcement Subcommittee of the House Homeland Security Committee Rep. Lou Correa stated in a recent interview that the reasons for the border crisis were clear.

Correa stated that “long-term, we need to create jobs where people are fleeing. Instead of doing that, this administration is putting tariffs on goods from those areas where we should be creating jobs.”

The claim that tariffs are the reason for this influx of immigrants is an intriguing one.

One thing that is completely certain about the claim, is that the current administration is failing completely and utterly in this situation.

Correa went on further to claim that “this is a worldwide refugee crisis. We’ve been seeing this coming for a long time.”

Correa has a sense that most Democrats do not: We’ve known this was coming for a long time and the left did nothing about it.

Correa said “We’ve got thousands of people coming to the Darién Gap. We’re not focusing on short-term solutions or long-term solutions. This is a crisis that continues to get out of control.”

He is right that this situation is one that the current administration is failing to even address.

There have been no solutions set forward by Joe Biden and part of the reason is because Biden refuses to even acknowledge there is a problem.

Even though addressing the root of the problem (why people are leaving their countries) might be helpful to some, the real solution needs to start with securing America’s border.

Something that Joe Biden and the entire Radical Left have failed to do for years.

While Correa’s take might not be entirely accurate, it is a far step up from what other Democrats have been saying for years.

The left will continue to deny any sort of crisis or problem at the border because their sole desire is to see America crumble.

Democrats are leading this country into the ground, and they are doing it happily.

Our elected officials have proven time and time again that they are more concerned with foreign countries and illegal foreigners than the well-being of America and our own citizens.

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