Judge orders Trump to do something absolutely outrageous and it has Americans infuriated

Trump prosecutions have been taking turn after turn. And many of the developments have been disgusting.

But now this order by a judge has Trump doing something so outrageous that it has Americans infuriated.

Last week, a gag order was placed on Trump that violated his First Amendment rights and barred him from saying certain things about prosecutors who were coming after him.

That alone outraged countless Americans, and some people were even worried that their rights might be removed by the Radical Left, just like they tried to remove Trump’s.

However, this most recent demand by judges truly infuriates and terrifies Americans.

The judge who is presiding over the civil fraud case against Trump in New York, has now demanded that Trump pay a $10,000 fine.

Trump apparently violated the gag order according to Justice Arthur Engoron after Trump told reporters that the person next to Engoron was “partisan.”

According to Reuters, Trump said, “This judge is a very partisan judge, with a person who’s very partisan sitting alongside of him, perhaps even much more partisan than he is.”

Earlier this month, Trump posted pictures of Engoron’s principal law clerk Allison Greenfield, standing next to Chuck Schumer who is the Senate Majority Leader.

However, Trump took to the witness stand on Wednesday to deny the claims that the statements he made were about Greenfield.

Trump said the remarks were made to “You and Cohen” when Enrogon asked who Trump was referring to.

Enrogon responded by saying that he was “very protective of my staff, as I should be” and that he did not “want anybody killed.”

Enrogon continued, “I stated the last time that any future violations would be severely punished. Why should there not be severe sanctions for this blatant, dangerous disobey of a court order?”

Trump had already been fined $5,000 for not taking down his post, and the judge warned that any further violation could even result in jailing Trump.

In the court fine Enrogon wrote, “Make no mistake: future violations, whether intentional or unintentional, will subject the violator to far more severe sanctions, which may include, but are not limited to, steeper financial penalties, holding Donald Trump in contempt of court, and possibly imprisoning him.”

Trump took to Truth Social to express his outrage over the entire situation writing, “I will soon be leaving for Crooked Joe Biden’s ‘Political Opponent Court’ in Lower Manhattan. I have a very partisan and angry Judge, a Corrupt Attorney General, and am not allowed a Jury Trial under the Statute they have chosen to use (for the very first time ever!).”

He continued by saying, “The good news, that even the Fake News is seeing, is that the facts are ALL on my side! I BUILT A GREAT COMPANY, FAR BIGGER & STRONGER THAN ANYONE HAD ASSUMED! This is a RIGGED TRIAL, right out of a Banana Republic, but sadly, it gives the Republicans the right to do the same thing when we assume office…And remember, Crooked Joe Biden is the most CORRUPT (and Incompetent!) President in the history of the U.S., VERY FERTILE GROUND THERE, but very bad for our Country! This unfair political Witch Hunt is causing companies to leave New York at a record pace. They don’t want this to happen to them!”

While some people may think that Trump is exaggerating, many Americans feel as outraged as the former president, and they demand justice.

If judges can take away our right to free speech, then what are our freedoms actually and are we ever safe from the justice system?

The Radical Left is showing that they can just take people’s rights away and ban them from doing certain things and then punish them if they “disobey.”

This is supposed to be America… the land of the free where we are free to express our opinions and beliefs, yet the Radical Left is doing everything they can to control the narrative.

They are silencing anyone who disagrees with them and then punishing people for exercising their rights as set forth in our Constitution.

The Radicals have finally taken over, and the American people have had enough.

It is time to vote out these corrupt officials who are seeking to destroy America.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics where we tell the TRUTH no matter the consequences.

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