Biden’s health concerns resurface in a major way

Joe Biden has had many health concerns in the past. But none seem to be quite as serious as this.

And now Biden’s health concerns resurface in a major way.

The President of the United States is one of the most powerful people in the world and that person is in control of countless decisions and is placed in charge of countless things.

So, naturally, the United States, as well as the world, would benefit from a strong and healthy president in America, and we would all suffer if the president had major health concerns.

Well, health concerns are no new thing in American politics, and people are noticing some very concerning red flags when it comes to the health of Joe Biden.

During a recent press conference, Joe Biden was once again caught with cheat sheets and note cards, but there’s something different this time.

The note cards do not just contain speech notes or key points to remember to talk about, no. Instead, the cards had the names and pictures of reporters so he could remember people.

This most recent incident happened during a joint press conference Joe Biden had with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Wednesday.

Both world leaders took questions from four reporters; two of them from each respective country.

Some of the concern comes from the fact that this was a small press conference and Joe Biden only needed to remember four names and faces, so why did he need so much help?

If the president cannot remember four names and faces, is he fit to serve as president in the greatest and most powerful country in the world?

The concerns regarding Joe Biden’s mental fortitude have been growing in recent months as he has been struggling even more with basic tasks like reading and speaking.

Some rumors have circulated that the president might have some form of Dementia or other disease that seems to be eating away at his brain.

People have even speculated that what reporters Joe calls on, what questions get asked, and what answers are given are all scripted by staff ahead of time.

There seems to be proof of that from another joint press conference with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol in April.

President Biden was seen holding a card with the pronunciation of a journalist as well as a pre-written question and pre-written answer; and, the fake question was asked and the fake answer was given.

Many people are concerned that if Biden cannot even handle a simple and small press conference with a few questions, how can we expect him to lead the country?

It also calls into question who is really doing the leading here…

If all of Biden’s questions are pre-approved and his answers are already given for him, then what is it that Joe Biden is really doing here?

If Joe Biden is struggling this much mentally in public, many people are concerned with what might be going on behind closed doors and who really might be leading this country.

Whatever the case is, it is clear that Joe Biden is unfit to serve since he cannot read, write, speak, remember names and faces, or come up with his own answers to questions.

This is a terrifying reality for Americans that in a time of so much unrest and violence across the nation and the world, our president is a bumbling, rambling, incompetent fool.

America needs a strong leader who will save this country and the world.

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