Treasonous statement by Democrat governor leaves citizens in shock

Democrats are not known for their love of America. But sometimes things are taken too far.

And now, this treasonous statement by a Democrat governor has left citizens in shock.

Politicians in America will always disagree with one another, and more likely than not, will always have issues with each other.

However, the one thing that all politicians should agree upon is that they need to put America first, and the needs of the people of the country they are elected in need to come first.

Yet, unfortunately, that is not the case anymore these days, and so many Radical politicians are being elected who seem to hate America and want to see it destroyed.

Now, that seems to be the case with California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Gavin Newsom is not known as a good leader, a strong politician, or someone who puts the needs of the citizens of his state first.

But it still came as a shock to many when he uttered this treasonous statement.

Newsom promised that California was going to become “China’s long-term, stable, and strong partner.”

That is the exact opposite sort of thing that anyone would want to hear coming from an elected leader in the United States of America… especially with all of the tension between the two countries right now.

China’s leader Xi Jinping visited with California Governor Gavin Newsom on Wednesday, and since the meeting, Chinese state propaganda media sites have not stopped gushing about how wonderful the meeting was.

One “media” outlet in China wrote that the meeting was a wonderful triumph of “mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation.”

However, anyone who gets such high praise from a propaganda site for a massively communist nation should immediately be a red flag for Americans.

The meeting largely centered around California and China working together regarding climate change, green energy, and electric vehicles.

After the meeting, Newsom stated that he wanted to mend relationships with China and improve communication and partnerships.

On Wednesday, he told CNN “We’ve got to turn down the heat. We’ve got to manage our strategic differences. We’ve got to reconcile our strategic red lines.”

The meeting and the response come not too long after tensions with China have reached a boiling point.

There have been tense exchanges between US and Chinese aircraft and Naval ships, and just a few months ago a Chinese spy balloon was shot down after flying over the entire US.

The relationship with China is tense, and many people might applaud Newsom for trying to mend relationships, however at what cost does that come for the American people?

China is a dangerous opponent that should not be underestimated, and they are trying to infiltrate America and American politics in as many ways as they can.

They have already infiltrated the highest level of the US government as their relationship with the Bidens and their bribes have proven.

To hear a US elected official say the things Newsom said about China is certainly concerning for many Californians and Americans alike.

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