Kamala Harris proves her hatred of the Constitution during her latest nonsensical speech

Kamala Harris and the entire Biden administration are a disgrace to America. They spit in the face of history, tradition, law, and precedent.

But now Kamala Harris has proven her hatred of the Constitution as well as America during her latest speech.

Following the horrible tragedy in Lewiston, Maine, Kamala Harris, like many other Radical Democrats, took the opportunity to push her liberal agenda.

Instead of using the time to mourn the lost or comfort the grieving family and community, Kamala Harris decided that the disrespectful and rude route was the one she wanted to take.

Kamala Harris thought that it was the best time to be anti-American and spit in the face of the Constitution.

During a luncheon in which the Australian Prime Minister was honored, Kamala Harris decided she should not be talking about America or the tragedies there unless she was pushing her liberal and radical agenda.

She started by saying, “As we gather details, we must continue to speak truth about the moment we are in. In our country today, the leading cause of death of American children is gun violence. Gun violence has terrorized and traumatized so many of our communities in the United States.”

She then continued “And let us be clear, it does not have to be this way — as our friends in Australia have demonstrated,” as people clapped.

However, it is important to note that according to the website for Australia’s Parliament, citizens have no legal right to own guns in Australia.

Kamala Harris wants to strip Americans of their freedoms and their Constitutional rights so that she can push her Radical and Liberal agenda.

Harris is not a politician in Australia and she would be wise to remember that.

Instead, she is a politician in America where citizens have rights clearly laid out in the founding document of this nation that she swore to protect, defend, and uphold.

Anyone who does not take their oath of office seriously should be immediately removed from office for treason.

The American people have fought, bled, and died for these rights, and we will not willingly give up our rights just for the Radical Left to fulfill their pointless and harmful agenda.

Harris has shown time and time again that she does not care one ounce for American freedom and instead is always pointing to other countries.

If Harris hates America and our people, laws, and habits so much, then maybe she should leave and go to a place where her absurd ideologies are welcomed.

Americans do not want leaders who hate us and our country; we demand leaders who will support this nation and the rights of the people of this nation.

Harris and the entire Biden administration have no regard for the Constitution and therefore must be voted out of office.

America needs leaders who will support, protect, and defend our rights.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics as we keep brining the TRUTH.

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