Republican candidate makes claim about Donald Trump that could shake the whole race up

Donald Trump is the major Republican frontrunner for the 2024 presidential election. And with fewer candidates in the race now, and more expected to drop out, his victory seems sure.

However, one Republican candidate has made a claim about Donald Trump that could shake the whole race up.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has run for president a few times now, and he is not new to the political world.

Christie’s chances of winning the Republican nomination seem very low right now, but the biggest reason for that is because Trump has such a commanding lead in the polls.

However, if something were to happen to Trump, it might clear the way for Christie to have a real shot at the nomination or at the very least level the playing field.

And Christie seems to understand that fact and is working hard to give himself a shot at the nomination.

During a recent interview with CNN, Christie stated that the Republican Party needed to “get rid” of Trump.

He took the opportunity to attack Trump for his character and method of leading saying, “I wouldn’t count on anything from Donald Trump, except one thing you can always count on, he will lie to get himself ahead and he will always put himself first before any interest and certainly before our country and Israel.”

Christie also claimed that Donald Trump never really got anything done and then attacked some of Trump’s major talking points.

He said, “Donald Trump never finishes what he started. He said he was going to build a wall across the entire border of the United States and Mexico, he built 52 miles of new wall in four years. He said he was going to balance the budget, he added $7.8 trillion in debt. In the same way he said he was going to bring peace to the Middle East, he did not do that, because he didn’t finish the job.”

He also brought up Donald Trump’s legal problems and said that “Donald Trump is not going to be able to beat Joe Biden from a courtroom.”

This seems to be a major talking point for both Republicans and Democrats, and everyone seems to point back to Donald Trump’s legal problems.

Trump has claimed that his legal problems will not interfere with his ability to run as they are simply a “witch hunt” by the Radical Left.

And many of his supporters also feel the same way; It seems that the Radical Leftists in America have weaponized the justice system and are now using it to attack political rivals to force them to not be able to run.

However, even as the Democrats are trying to forcibly stop Trump from running, and ultimately winning, Trump has made it clear that this will only cause him to fight harder.

It also appears like the plan is backfiring for Democrats as Donald Trump’s numbers in the polls continue to skyrocket, and he continues to gain more and more support from American voters.

When Donald Trump’s mugshot was released to the public, his campaign raised millions of dollars in support and his numbers shot up in the polls.

American voters have woken up, and we realize what is going on in the nation and who will be able to stop it.

Christie finished off his interview by saying, “This is going to be a big problem for our party and we need to cut it off at the pass, get rid of Donald Trump and move on to honest, strong leadership that will tell the truth.”

Yet, many Americans disagree with Christie and view Donald Trump as the best option for President and think that he will be the candidate who can defeat Joe Biden and save this country.

Americans need to vote in 2024 and ensure that Joe Biden does not win the White House and doom our country to another four years of his destruction.

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