Kamala Harris makes a shocking claim that leaves Americans outraged

Kamala Harris has the lowest approval rating of any VP in US history. And she has a habit of saying the most ridiculous things.

But now she has taken it too far and made a shocking claim that has left Americans outraged.

Liberals have a habit of making everything an issue even when there isn’t an issue.

Like how every white person is racist, or every billionaire is a horrible person who hates poor people.

Well now, the Radical Left talking point has moved to climate change, and the claims are becoming more and more outrageous.

During a recent speaking engagement in Berks County, Pennsylvania, VP Harris claimed that young people didn’t want to have kids or buy houses due to climate change.

“…climate anxiety, which is fear of the future and the unknown of whether it makes sense for you to even think about having children, whether it makes sense for you to think about aspiring to buy a home because what will this climate be?”

I am not sure where Kamala Harris gets her news, but it must be on www.delusionalfakenews.com.

Young people, and old people for that matter, aren’t worrying about climate change when they want to buy a house…

Instead, they are worrying about the “3%” inflation that has caused prices everywhere to shoot up 50-100 percent while their wages remain the same.

People are worried about the economy and not climate change when it comes to having children or starting a family.

Climate change has absolutely nothing to do with anyone’s decision-making when they think about economic decisions.

This is Kamala Harris’s poor attempt at deflecting blame away from “Bidenmoics” However, the American people see right through her charade.

Many young Americans do desire to have children and to buy houses, yet they are just waiting for a competent president to take office and fix all of the mistakes Joe Biden and Kamala Harris created.

The left’s poor attempt to misdirect people’s attention away from their failures is not working even a little bit.

Americans know the truth and when it comes time to vote, the Radical Left will be shocked by the turnout against them.

Americans are sick of the lies of Sleepy Joe and his administration.

While climate change might be an important topic for some, it is not affecting people every single day like the state of the economy is.

The prices at the grocery store to feed oneself chicken and rice let alone a whole family, is outrageous.

The price of gas at the pump as people commute to work or drive to church or the grocery store is crippling Americans.

It is time for America to make their voice heard and bring the power back to the people.

It is time to vote out the entire administration and vote in politicians who will care for the needs of the American people.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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