Ron DeSantis terrifies Joe Biden with new video exposé

Ron DeSantis has been releasing videos as part of campaign efforts during the 2024 election race. Many times, the videos outline his plans for if he was to take the Oval Office.

And now Ron DeSantis has terrified Joe Biden with his new video exposé.

On Wednesday, Ron DeSantis released a new video outlining his energy plan and he shocked liberals with his claim that he would lower gas prices to $2.

In the video, he pledged to undo Joe Biden’s terrible policies and increase domestic fossil fuel production in order to help gas prices hit that $2 mark.

DeSantis also claims that he will make the United States “energy dominant” once again.

In the video, DeSantis says, “People are hurting,” and he added that the Biden administration’s policies “are driving your grocery bills to be more expensive, your gas going up.”

During Joe Biden’s campaign, he vowed to halt all new oil drilling on federal lands, and he has effectively destroyed oil production in America and forced the US to be fully reliant on foreign powers for oil production.

DeSantis however has said, “Let’s be energy dominant, and let’s get back to $2 a gallon gas. That’s what the American people need.”

And while DeSantis’s campaign promises might not come fully true, these are the sorts of promises Americans want to hear from a candidate for president.

Americans don’t want to hear how Biden will keep destroying the country, making us more reliant on foreign powers, or higher gas and energy prices.

Instead, we want to hear how someone can fix the horrendous mess Joe Biden has put us in.

How will we recover economically from this, and how will the American people afford to pay their bills and keep living their life?

Ron DeSantis has given Americans hope and has outlined a plan for how we can overcome Joe Biden’s destruction of America.

Under Joe Biden, gas prices at the pump were at an all-time highest national average of more than $5 a gallon.

People who want to fill up their car are paying $60-$70 and in many cases even more.

One of Joe Biden’s first move as President was to halt production of the Keystone pipeline and many of the issues we see today stem from that decision.

Joe Biden has effectively destroyed any hope Americans have for reasonable oil and gas prices.

But people like Ron DeSantis are giving Americans hope again.

It is time to vote out Sleepy Joe and vote in a president who will make America great as it once was.

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