Karine Jean-Pierre humiliated Joe Biden with this braindead statement

The current administration is being caught in lies left and right. But they keep trying to make excuses or whisk them away.

But Karine Jean-Pierre humiliated Joe Biden with this braindead statement.

As the proceeding surrounding Hunter Biden continue to escalate, the White House has had to change their story multiple times to keep up with Hunter’s story.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has had to run in circles to keep up.

Her most recent response states that there is “zero evidence” that Joe Biden “discussed” or “involved with” Hunter Biden’s business.

This is at least the third time the White House has had to change their story to keep up with Hunter Biden and new evidence that has come to light.

Originally, Joe Biden said that he had “never discussed” the business dealings.

KJP in recent weeks then changed to say “the president was never in dealings with his son.”

An now, has claimed that there is zero evidence of discussion or involvement.

It is shocking how many times the White House has had to backup and restate lies in order to cover for Joe Biden.

Not only is the administration lying flat out to the public, but they are also ignoring copious amounts of mounting evidence against them.

There are pictures, logs, voicemails, phone calls, and Joe Biden’s own words that expose him and his administration as liars.

The White House is trying to cover up for Joe Biden and as they do so, are making it abundantly clear that they do not care if they lie and change stories as they do so.

Even other Democrats know there is no defending Hunter and call his dealings “unlawful” but they still refuse to admit Joe Biden’s involvement.

The ability to lie and deny even when the evidence could not be any clearer should be a wake-up call for all voters.

KJP recently stated that Republicans “keep turning up documents and witnesses showing the president wasn’t involved, never discussed these business dealings, and did nothing wrong. There’s been zero evidence showing otherwise.”

To have a press secretary that is so easily able to lie is a scary thought.

How much of what comes from the White House is a blatant lie to cover for Joe Biden?

How can we hope for truth and honesty when our President and the White House press secretary and lying to cover for Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings?

How can we hope that the administration cares at all for the American people when they constantly show they don’t?

It is time for a change.

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