Leading Democrat stuns Americans with this absurd claim

The Left isn’t concerned with the plight of the average American. Democrat leaders seem to just want to watch cities burn.

And this leading Democrat stuns Americans with this absurd claim.

In a recent statement, NYC Mayor Eric Adams has claimed that the city is “thriving.”

In a speaking engagement on Sunday, Adams said, “The city is not coming back, We’re back back.”

I am not sure who Mayor Adams thinks he is fooling, but it is certainly not anyone with eyes or a brain.

What is even more confusing, is that this statement comes just weeks after Mayor Adams pleaded for help from the White House with the current migrant crisis.

Citizens have been staging protests all across the city as migrant shelters have been popping up all over their neighborhoods.

Instead of doing anything to help the situation or solve any problems, Mayor Adams has instead taken PR into his own hands.

Citizens have to feel miserable at this point as their mayor is spending their tax-payer dollars on publicity stunts instead of fixing any real issues.

The truth of the matter is that citizens are leaving the “Big Apple” faster than they are arriving.

In 2022, Manhattan was the only borough that did not lose population.

In 2020 and 2021 around 400,000 people left the city.

The reason is obvious: the Democrats are running the city into the ground.

What once was a great example of capitalism, Americanism, and patriotism, is now a slum flooded with immigrants, crime, poverty, and filth.

Since 2019, over 158 financial firms have moved their headquarters from the city and taken with them almost $1 trillion in managed assets.

The political leaders of New York City are driving people away.

They are doing nothing to help the city grow or heal.

During COVID, the absurd lockdowns and mandates that infringed on citizens’ constitutional rights also took its toll.

As one news report puts it, “Taxpayers are leaving, and migrants who consume tax dollars are flooding in.”

The citizens of this great city deserve better management and better leaders.

It is time for Adams to begone.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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