Kamala Harris made a humiliating admission she wishes she could take back

Vice President Harris is terrible at her job. It’s almost as if she doesn’t care.

And now Kamala Harris made a humiliating admission she wishes she could take back.

The Biden administration has been pushing their “Bidenomics” solution on Americans for months now.

The Americans want none of it and have been pushing back making it clear that whatever “Bidenomics” is, it isn’t working.

Biden and the entire administration, however, are claiming that their “Bidenomics” plan is helping Americans.

They are trying to convince the American people that they are in a better place than when Donald Trump was president.

However, even though Harris and Biden are lying to the American people, they have slipped up and admitted that their plan does not work.

In a recent speaking engagement, Harris stated that “most Americans are a $400 unexpected expense away from bankruptcy.”

Thankfully, that is not the truth, as many of the words that come pouring out of Biden and Harris’s mouths are lies.

Unfortunately, though, it is not as far from the truth as many would hope it would be.

The Biden administration is trying to push on America that we are in a great position in our economy, but its clear not even they believe that.

A recent survey found that only around 46% of Americans could cover an emergency expense of $400.

This is directly because of the Biden administration.

The economy is in the toilet; in fact, it may even be in the sewer at this point.

And the administration is doing nothing to help.

They even seem to be actively trying to make it worse.

They are flooding cities and states with immigrants, passing laws and policies that injure Americans, and the inflation is at an all-time high.

The current administration is emphatically anti-America.

Is “Bidenomics” the new normal?

Is America doomed to a life of struggling in a dying economy?

According to a recent analysis, the average middle-class household has lost over $33,000 in real wealth in the past year alone.

It is time for a change, and it is time for an administration that cares and provides for its citizens.

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