Leaked documents prove this shameful truth about Dr. Fauci

The COVID scare was a hard time for the average American. Dr. Anthony Fauci shoulders most of the blame.

And leaked documents prove this shameful truth about Dr. Fauci.

Recent records reveal that Dr. Fauci and other political elites made over $300 million while the American people suffered.

Dr. Fauci, a so-called “COVID expert” and other “COVID experts” made hundreds of millions of dollars from royalty checks while many Americans struggled to even just pay bills.

The former NIH director, Dr. Francis Collins was another one of these elite that made millions off of the global crisis.

During the pandemic, Fauci funded the Wuhan Institute if Virology to investigate the virus and received payments for allowing other companies to use their COVID-19 vaccines.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) shows over 56,000 transactions adding up to over $325 million that these so-called “experts” pocketed.

On top of these outrageous payments, in 2022 Fauci was the highest-paid federal worker with a salary of $480,000.

Fauci also promised he would donate all of the royalties to charity however failed to do so.

This fits into the larger narrative of the political elite becoming even richer from the sufferings of Americans.

An organization called ‘Open the Books’, dedicated to transparency, released over 1500 records that show the leading names at the National Institute of Health (NIH) and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases ( NIAID) became unimaginably rich as tens of thousands of Americans died and millions more suffered.

COVID was one huge plot that made the government unbelievably rich at the expense of American citizens.

Senator Rand Paul said, “The NIH continues to refuse to voluntarily divulge the names of scientists who receive royalties and from which companies over the period of time from 2010 to 2016, 27,000 royalty payments were paid to 1800 NIH employees. We know that. Not because you told us, but because we forced you to tell us through the Freedom of Information Act.”

The growing silence and disdain for the truth should be frightening to all Americans.

Why does the NIH want to hide data from the people?

Because it would expose them for the frauds that they are.

They would lose all trust and credibility.

When will this madness stop? When will the elite stop stomping on the average American just in an attempt to get richer?

When will the American people hold these people accountable?

It is past time for a change and this is the final straw for many Americans.

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