Leftists are losing their minds after two Democrats were sent to prison for this massive fraud

Democrats and the corporate-controlled media say that voter fraud does not exist. But that’s not the case.

And Leftists are losing their minds after two Democrats were sent to prison for this massive fraud.

The Department of Justice stated that Jerry Trabona, former Police Chief of Amite City, Louisiana, and Kristian “Kris” Hart, City Councilwoman of Amite City, Louisiana, both Democrats, were sentenced to one year in prison for a vote-buying scheme in the 2016 election.

The Department of Justice detailed the Democrats’ vote-buying plan in a press release announcing the sentence.

“According to court documents and evidence presented at trial, Jerry Trabona, 73, the former Chief of Police in Amite City, and Kristian “Kris” Hart, 50, a former Amite City councilmember, agreed with each other and others to pay or offer to pay voters residing in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, for voting during the 2016 Open Primary Election and the 2016 Open General Election, contests in which Trabona and Hart were candidates,” the DOJ’s statement read.

“Trabona and Hart’s vote buying scheme included the solicitation and hiring of individuals responsible for identifying potential voters, the transportation of those voters to the polls, and payment and offer of payment to the voters for voting,” the statement continued.

“In the 2016 election, co-conspirator Sidney Smith, 69, of Amite City, paid voters with money provided by Trabona and Hart.”

Trabona and Hart utilized sample ballots with candidate names and numbers to persuade people to sell their votes.

“Hart and Trabona provided sample ballots with names and candidate numbers to vote buyers to ensure voters being paid were voting for Hart and Trabona as well as the other candidates they supported,” The Heritage Foundation reported.

“Hart also employed vote buyers to identify individuals who had not yet voted, take them to the polls (and back home, if necessary), and then pay them for their vote.”

Trabona and Hart also attempted to conceal their activities by having persons whose votes they purchased sign fraudulent contracts.

“Trabona had the vote buyers sign contracts stating they would not ‘make any overture of any kind to any voter or other person of financial award or benefit in exchange for a vote,’” the Heritage Foundation added.

Election integrity is a critical problem.

When the corporate-controlled media or Democrats imply that anyone concerned about ballot security is a “conspiracy theorist” or “election denier,” it reduces the actual fraud that occurs during voting.

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