Liberal DA has been exposed in a shocking new report

The Radical Left has made numerous anti-American legal decisions recently. But this situation takes the cake.

And a liberal DA has been exposed in a shocking new report.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s administration has become the center of a debate, with his policies regarding felony downgrades and rising crime rates taking center stage.

While some Radicals hail his approach as progressive and necessary for reform, many others express concerns about public safety and a potential emboldening of criminals.

According to a Daily Mail report, DA Bragg significantly increased the rate of downgrading felonies compared to his predecessor.

In 2023, he downgraded 938 of the most serious charges, representing a 60% rate – higher than the previous administration’s 53%.

Additionally, he declined to prosecute 14% of all arrests, marking a notable shift from prior practices.

While the report acknowledges a decrease in murders compared to 2022 (12 fewer), overall violent crime rates in Manhattan saw a 2.4% increase in 2023.

This translates to 10,547 violent crimes reported, compared to 10,298 the previous year.

This uptick in violence adds fuel to the debate surrounding DA Bragg’s policies, with some attributing it to the increased leniency in prosecution.

The DA’s office responded to the report by highlighting a “comprehensive crime strategy” focused on gun prosecutions, prioritizing violent crime drivers, and investing in community-based initiatives.

They emphasized that Manhattan’s felony conviction rate remains higher than other boroughs and their decline-to-prosecute rate is lower than the citywide average.

However, critics like the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) voice strong concerns.

PBA President Patrick Hendry links the rise in attacks on police officers to a “revolving door” of released suspects, citing a recent incident where illegal immigrants allegedly assaulting officers were released without bail.

He criticizes DA Bragg for prioritizing “criminals over police,” referencing the indictment of Officer Provenzano for confronting a disruptive individual.

This debate in Manhattan reflects a broader national conversation about balancing criminal justice reform with public safety concerns.

Proponents of DA Bragg’s approach argue it promotes fairer sentencing, reduces mass incarceration, and addresses racial disparities in the justice system.

Opponents express worries that it weakens deterrence, emboldens criminals, and ultimately hinders public safety.

Understanding the complexities of this situation requires examining the statistics, exploring perspectives, and acknowledging the broader national conversation surrounding criminal justice reform.

However, violent criminals are being released into our society with little to no punishments, and Americans are outraged.

We cannot and will not tolerate this.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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