Liberal politician makes shocking decision that leaves citizens open to harm

The Left cannot stop harming its own citizens. But now things are getting completely out of hand.

Because a liberal politician has made a shocking decision that has left citizens open to massive crime and harm.

The Radical Left has always found unique ways to force citizens into obeying their radical agenda. But now things are getting extreme.

Despite complaints that it encouraged people to break numerous laws, an artificial intelligence chatbot that was installed on the government website of New York City last year with the intention of assisting small business owners will stay in operation.

According to the Associated Press, NYC’s MyCity Chatbot was introduced in October as a “one-stop-shop” to assist small company owners in navigating the city’s numerous laws and regulations.

However, according to an article published by The Markup last week, the AI tool was suggesting that it was acceptable for small businesses to violate several regulations.

The chatbot’s most concerning replies included informing business owners that they might withhold a portion of their employees’ gratuities, conceal funeral home prices, and run a store that only accepts cash.

Laws at the local, state, or federal levels forbid all of those activities.

When the AP asked MyCity Chatbot if a restaurant could sell clients cheese that had been nibbled on by rats, the chatbot responded in an even more odd way.

The chatbot said, “Yes, you can still serve the cheese to customers if it has rat bites,” and also suggested that the restaurant “inform customers about the situation” and take into account “the extent of the damage caused by the rat.”

Some computer experts are concerned that the AI technology was released too soon, even if the chatbot has a disclaimer warning users not to regard “its responses as legal or professional advice” and that “its responses may sometimes be inaccurate or incomplete.”

Professor of computer science Julia Stoyanovich, who also serves as the director of New York University’s Center for Responsible AI, told the AP “They’re rolling out software that is unproven without oversight. It’s clear they have no intention of doing what’s responsible”

Eric Adams, the Democratic mayor of New York City, stated during a press conference on Tuesday that letting consumers discover errors in the AI technology was a necessary step in the process.

Adams said, “Anyone that knows technology knows this is how it’s done.”

“Only those who are fearful sit-down and say, ‘Oh, it is not working the way we want, now we have to run away from it all together.’ I don’t live that way,” he continued.

In response to Adams’ remarks, Stoyanovich told the AP that Adams’ strategy is “reckless and irresponsible.”

Microsoft, the company behind NYC’s chatbot, stated through a representative that it is collaborating with municipal workers “to improve the service and ensure the outputs are accurate and grounded on the city’s official documentation.”

As part of Adams’s efforts to reduce subway crime, New York City has also implemented AI technology to assist in the detection of firearms in the subway system.

During a press conference last month, the mayor unveiled new body scanners that make use of AI technology.

According to Evolv, these scanners use “advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence to distinguish between weapons and everyday items.”

The Left will continue to push dangerous and harmful policies with zero regard for human life.

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