Liberal squad member spreads disgusting fake news that is harming Americans

The Radical Left loves to spread their harmful lies in order to push their agenda. But now things have been taken too far.

Because this liberal squad member has spread disgusting fake news that is harming Americans.

On Friday, during an interview on MSNBC, squad member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that the crisis at the border was a “false narrative.”

In the interview with Alex Wagner, AOC even went so far as to claim that the crisis was created by “xenophobic” Republicans.

She said, “The idea that Republicans, in order to win an election, say we need to hermetically seal the border when they know that that would be— that is economic self-sabotage to the US economy, and they are saying let’s do it anyway.”

She went on saying, “And to compensate for the negative effects we’re gonna allow and throw people’s kids into factories.”

She concluded by claiming “That is what they are doing in rolling back child-labor laws while being as xenophobic and anti-immigrant as they are, and while ginning up this, this false narrative about this being a crisis.”

So not only is AOC lying to the American people, she is claiming that the unbelievably horrible situation on the southern border is just some conspiracy made up by Republicans.

She said about Republicans: “We’re going to keep pretending this is a crisis while contributing to actual problems.”

“And then we’re going to block the solution so that we can campaign on it over and over and over,” she added.

She claimed that Republicans were using the border crisis to create, “animosity and destruction in this country, and racism in this country.”

She claimed, “That’s the only thing that the Republican Party even is standing on at this point.”

So AOC and the Radical Left, who claim to be all for defeating fake news and all about accepting everyone, are now resorting to calling Republicans xenophobes and claiming they made up the border crisis.

The idea is laughable since the entire crisis at the border is statics that cannot be argued with.

Joe Biden has singlehandedly destroyed any security this nation used to have, and he has outdone everything Donald Trump did to address the border.

Since Joe Biden has been president, there have been over 7.3 million encounters with illegal immigrants by CBP agents.

Additionally, 2,475,699 of those encounters were in 2023 which is a record.

The truth of the matter is this:

The situation at the southern border is out of hand and Democrats know this.

They also know that Americans are frustrated and are not supporting Democrats.

So the Radical Left has decided that the only solution is to spread lies about Republicans and do their best to blame Republicans for everything.

But no one is buying it… the American people know what is going on and we will fight back against the lies of the Radical Left.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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